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How to Use Apple Pay

Here's how to get started with Apple Pay

Updated Oct 28,2016 | by Mike

Getting started with Apple Pay

The attractiveness of Apple Pay is that it is uniquely 'Apple'. Simple and graceful, it chains the tech you've already got (an iPhone with Touch ID) with a one-step payment method, all covered up in waterproof safety which is safer than old-fashioned chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number).

All that is needed to be done is to keep your iPhone near any NFC (Near-field communication) card terminal and then place your finger on its Touch ID sensor. The fundamentals are laid with the help of which in the near future or in some years we might be looking back at the beginning of nonetheless one more Apple’s revolution.

Wallet setup

To initiate the use of Apple Pay, open up your Wallet (formerly Passbook), tap Add Debit or Credit Card and then enter your card details.

Press Next, after which your card will be confirmed and then verified by your bank and once you are done with it, press Next. You can now use Apple Pay. You may similarly complete your registration through your bank's own website or App.

The procedure is mostly comparable to Passbook's – consult your bank or visit it’s website for further information.

Using Apple Pay

Keep your iPhone close to the contactless card reader and an duplicate image of your card will be visible on the screen. Then, just keep your finger on the Touch ID sensor (but do not press the Home button), hold your fire for a second for it to confirm your fingerprint, and voila! It's for instance as easy as that.

To use a changed card, hit the one on screen and choose an alternative. (In iOS 9, prepare a card at the Locked screen by simple clicking the Home button twice).

In-app purchases

Usage of Apple Pay in an application is just as simple as using it somewhere else. Simply click the 'Buy with Apple Pay' button, view your payment details, then keep your finger on the Touch ID sensor to bring an end to the transaction.

This is a considerably more efficient process rather than entering your Apple ID credentials, and the biometric approval makes it more protected.

Pay with Apple Watch

Apple Pay also works efficiently with Apple Watch. To use, click open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone and tap the My Watch option.

Tap Passbook & Apple Pay next and then add Debit or Credit Card information, and then press next. Enter your card's entire details and then again tap next.

For the usage of Apple Pay with your Apple Watch, double-click the side button, then with hold your Watch's face to the card reader till you have heard a tone and have felt a slight pulse, which is the confirmation that the transaction was finished.


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