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Home > Tips > How to Transfer Xbox One Videos to iPhone – A Better Place to Store Your Xbox One Recordings

How to Transfer Xbox One Videos to iPhone – A Better Place to Store Your Xbox One Recordings

How to transfer Xbox One videos to iPhone to share with your friends since the console allows you to grab the last 30 seconds. This tutorial will give the most reliable method.

Updated Jan 15,2019 | by Micky

Q: How to transfer Xbox One videos to iPhone? I have multiple amazing gameplay clips and want to save them on the iPhone so that I can show them to my friends when I want. How can I do that?

Xbox one is the 8th-generation home video game console developed by Microsoft as a successor to Xbox 360 and was announced in May 2013.

Like PS4, Xbox One can not only let you enjoy various kinds of games like Halo 5 and Call of Duty but also, it performs as a flawless video player to play blue-ray DVD movies. It’s so powerful that millions of users have been attracted since its first release.

When playing games on Xbox One, players can grab the last 30 seconds’ playback. If you don’t want to miss the most amazing moment in your gameplay, this is absolutely a useful feature.

This time, we’re going to discuss how to transfer Xbox One gameplay to iPhone with the most versatile iPhone transfer tool.

How to transfer Xbox One videos to iPhone

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What Is the Best Way to Transfer Xbox One Videos to iPhone

Compared with PS4, it’s a bit more complex to transfer recorded clips to iPhone from Xbox One for it doesn’t give you a way to directly save the video to USB.

However, after a long search, finally, I found a tool to help me get it done.

That’s IOTransfer – iPhone transfer software – a powerful tool to help you transfer files across iDevices and PC. As for Xbox One to iPhone transfer, of course, you need to send the video from the console to PC first.

How to transfer Xbox One videos to iPhone? Free download this mighty iPhone manager to have a try.

Part 1 Capture the 30-second-long Clip First

If you don’t know how to capture a nice moment yet, follow the guide below.

1.       Start playing until you “get a kill streak”.

2.       Press the home button on the controller.

3.       Press “X” to capture the last 30 seconds.

Part 2 Transfer Xbox One Gameplay to PC via OneDrive

Be focused because if you miss even 1 step, you fail.

1.       Go to “Manage your clips” on Xbox One and it will bring you to all the Xbox One clips that you have ever recorded.


2.       Select the video you want to transfer and tap on “Edit in Upload Studio”.


3.       Trim the recorded video a couple of seconds (This is a crucial step).

4.       Once you’re done, hit “Finish” and it will take several seconds to upload.

5.       Hit “OneDrive”, name the video and tap on “Next”. Then upload the video.

6.       Go to, right-click on the video and download it to your computer.

Part 3 Transfer Xbox One Game Clips to iPhone

We’ve gone through the difficult part and it’s time to finish the rest.

Step 1 Connect the iPhone to PC

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized. When you see the notification “Trust This Computer” pop up on the display, tap on “Trust” to proceed.


If the device can't be recognized, try unplugging it from PC and reconnect them again.


Step 2 Import the Xbox One Clip 

Click on “MANAGE” in the top toolbar. In the opened window, click on “Videos” on the left. Click on “Import”, select the video from the folder where it’s stored and double-click on it to transfer it from PC to iPhone.

After a few seconds, you can view the Xbox One clip in the video App on your iPhone.


Bottom Line

Already know how to transfer Xbox One videos to iPhone? Although it’s a little bit difficult, I do believe, with IOTransfer, you can handle it totally on your own.

Be sure to contact us if you have any further questions about iPhone video transfer!

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