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How to Transfer iPhone Data to PC over WiFi

You think iPhone is too tied up to PC when it’s about backup. Learn how to transfer iPhone data to PC over WiFi in the following tutorial to make the backup much simpler!

Updated Jun 22,2018 | by Micky

For an iPhone user, it’s necessary to back up your device on regular basis in case of data losses.

You may think of iTunes when talking about backup issues. Out of question, iTunes is professional in this field. However, it’s impossible to carry a USB cable everywhere you go and also, for those iPhone owners whose USB port is damaged, iTunes doesn’t seem to be a good choice either. 

So, how to transfer iPhone data to PC over WiFi? This is exactly what we’re going to talk about in the following contents.


Method 1 Transfer iPhone Data to PC over Wi-Fi with the Best Third-party iPhone Manager

Do you want to find a way to transfer any iPhone data/files including music, videos, photos, and contacts from iPhone to PC wirelessly within only a few clicks? That’s what IOTransfer iPhone transfer software is capable of.

One of the newest features of this powerful program – AirTrans provides a way to back up iPhone data wirelessly and safely. It’s so convenient and simple that even a primary school child can soon get into it.

How to Transfer iPhone to PC via WiFi? Free download the ultimate iPhone transfer tool to help you finish the job within seconds!

Detailed Steps of the Wireless iPhone to PC Backup

Step 1 Install and Start AirTrans on Your iPhone

Go to App Store and search for IOTransfer AirTrans. Download, install and launch this program on your iPhone. Then, go back to your PC and open IOTransfer. Click on AIR-TRANS at the top, click on “Start Transfer” and wait until your iPhone gets detected. If the notification “***PC wants to connect to your iPhone” pops up, tap on “Allow”.


Step 2 Select the iPhone Data/Files You Want to Transfer

After your device gets detected, select your iPhone on the screen and go back to AirTrans on the iPhone where you will see 4 tags “PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS, and FILES”. Tap on the corresponding tag and tick off all the items you want to back up.


Step 3 Begin the Wireless iPhone to PC Transfer

Tap on “Send” to get started and wait a few seconds before accomplished. Then, a window with a file pack will be displayed on your computer’s screen and you can click on “Open” to view and check the backup.


Method 2 Back up iPhone Data without USB Cable via iCloud

If you don’t have a USB cable or the port on your iPhone is damaged, iCloud also seems to be a good alternative to iTunes. With a 5-GB-free storage plan, iCloud is loved by millions of iOS users in need of iPhone backup. But do make sure you already have a valid iCloud account regisgtered.

In spite of some shortcomings of iCloud, let’s still have a look at how to use this practical service anyway.

1.       Go to “Settings” on iPhone.

2.       Tap on “iCloud” and then tap on “Backup” on the right.

3.       Tap on “Backup Now” to get started.

Cons of iCloud:

The security of user’s information can not be guaranteed for the nature of cloud service.

The time the backup takes can be too long.

Errors like “The last backup could not be completed” somehow occurs.


That’s all about how to transfer iPhone data to PC over WiFi with an effective third-party program and how to use iCloud for iOS backup. Select the method according to your own needs and have a try!

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