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Home > Tips > How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail – 3 Effective Ways Available

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail – 3 Effective Ways Available

Google Gmail is a secure and convenient place to back up your iPhone contacts. So, in this article, you’ll learn how to transfer iPhone contacts to gmail in 3 easy ways.

Updated Nov 07,2018 | by Micky

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail because I want to update my iPhone’s operating system and need to be sure I don’t lose the contacts.”

As an iOS user, “Contacts” should be an import part on your iPhone or iPad. It saves contact information including phone number, email address, and location of your friends and family members that you don’t want to lose.

In this case, back iPhone contacts up is a feasible idea to keep them safe. More than saving the contacts on PC, moving them to your Gmail seems to be a better idea because you can view them anywhere you want. So, in the following, I will give a detailed tutorial on how to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail, providing 3 best ways to get it done.


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How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail in CSV with Third-party Software

When talking about iPhone contact transfer, most people will think of iCloud. Indeed, iCloud is an official and convenient tool for iPhone data backup. However, it undergoes many defects. One is its safety. Because its cloud-based nature, it’s highly possible that users’ private information gets leaked and known by others. Another thing is that iCloud can be dramatically slow and sometimes, it takes minutes to completely start. So, in fact, many people don’t quite want to use iCloud to back up their iPhone contacts.

Gladly, IOTransfer – the most powerful iPhone transfer software – doesn’t have these issues, providing you a much more secure way to back up iPhone data. Within only 1 click, you can transfer files including contacts, video, photos, and music from your iPhone to PC. Then, it becomes much simpler to export them to your Gmail account.

Unlike iCloud, the transfer process doesn’t need any network connection. So, the speed is pretty fast and in most cases, it only takes several seconds.

Tips: IOTransfer also supports video download, video conversion, GIF making, iPhone cleaning, and Instagram photo download.

How to move iPhone contacts to Gmail? Free download the easiest iPhone transfer software to back up iPhone contacts in bulk

Send iPhone Contacts to Gmail within 3 Steps

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC and wait until the device gets detected. When you see the notification “Trust This Computer” pop up, tap on “Trust” on the iPhone’s screen to continue. On the interface of the program, you will see the 4 tags - Photos, Music, Videos, and Contacts I mentioned above. You can choose to click on Transfer to PC to back them all up. 


Step 2

Click on MANAGE in the top toolbar. Then, on the left, select Contacts. Tick off the contacts you want to transfer and click on Export on the top. Choose CSV(Google) as the output format and save it to start the transfer process. After finished, you will be prompted to view the .csv file where it is.


Step 3

Go to Google Contacts. If it’s the new version, click on “Go to the old version” first. Then, click on “Import Contacts”, select the .csv file on PC, and continue to import it.


How to Send iPhone Contacts to Gmail via iCloud

Although I’ve mentioned iCloud is not the best choice for iPhone contacts to Gmail transfer, if you insist on using it but still don’t know how, follow the steps below.

1.       Go to Settings > iCloud on your iPhone.

2.       Enable Contacts by toggling it on.


3.       Go to on your PC and enter the page of Contacts.


4.       Select a contact or you can also press “Ctrl + A” to select multiple contacts.

5.       On the lower left side, click on the gear icon and select Export vCard to move the contacts to PC in .vcf.


6.       Go to Google contacts, similar to the steps above, click on “Import Contacts” and choose the .vcf file.

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail Directly

This is the most direct way to send all your iPhone contacts to your Gmail account and you don’t need to resort to any other third-party software.

1.       Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2.       Tap on Add Account.

3.       Choose Google.

4.       Enter your Gmail account credentials and enable the contact sync.


Tips: In this way, you can not export an individual contact from iPhone to Gmail but the whole contacts.

Bottom Line

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail? In the article above, I provide 3 ways respectively “with third-party software”, “via iCloud”, and “direct transfer”. Which one do you prefer? Just have a try by yourself and hopefully, they all work.

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