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Home > Tips > How to Transfer Contacts from Text File to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from Text File to iPhone

Want to transfer contacts from text file to iPhone? The article shows you how to easily transfer contacts from text file to iPhone so that you can make these calls while you’re away on business.

Updated Sep 07,2018 | by Joy

Do you have a big phone list in text file format on your computer? Have you ever want to transfer them to iPhone? After all, having contacts easily accessible on your iPhone can make it more convenient to make business calls and keep close touch with your partners and colleagues while you are away on business.

To successfully transfer contacts from text file to iPhone, you must have a contact management tool that is compatible with your iPhone. iCloud may be the first tool that comes to your mind. You may also want to import contacts to Outlook or Windows contacts and sync them to iPhone via iTunes. However, all these tools only support CSV or vCard file. No worry. Read on.

How to Transfer Contacts from Text File to iPhone with Third-Party Software

This article will show you an easy iPhone manager - IOTransfer to make it. With IOTransfer, you can manage and transfer photos, videos, contacts and other data from PC to iPhone. Besides, it’s a user-friendly video downloader and video converter. You can also use it to clean up your iPhone for more space. Now let’s see how to use it to import contacts from text file to iPhone

Step 1. Download it here and install it into your computer. Here you need to know that it works in Windows 10/8/7 and iOS 8 or later.

Step 2. Launch this tool and then go to “MANAGE” » “Contacts”.


Step 3. Click on “Import” and choose contacts in text file format from your computer you want to transfer. Then click “Open” to start the transferring.



After that, you can check these contacts on your iPhone and then make calls easily.


Tip: IOTransfer can not only enable you to transfer contacts from text file to iPhone, but also allow you to import contacts in .CTT, .XML and .CSV formats to iPhone.

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Before importing these important contacts to your iPhone, you may find that there are many invalid contacts on iPhone because some of your friends or partners have changed their phone number. Then you need to delete them timely to avoid dialing the wrong number. 

However, you can only delete them one by one on the Contacts app in your iPhone. It always takes too much time to make it. Here, you must want to know how to delete them in batch to save your precious time.

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How to Delete Unwanted Contacts in Batch before Importing New Contacts to iPhone

As I mentioned before, IOTransfer can allow users to manage contacts in an easy way. Now let’s see how to use it to delete your unwanted contacts in batch.

A tutorial you may need: How to Manage iPhone Contacts in Free and Easy Ways

Step 1. As in the previous step, open it and simply go to “MANAGE” » “Contacts”.

Step 2. Check the contacts you want to delete and click on “Delete”. Then a pop-up will ask you whether you want to delete them. Click on “Yes” and these contacts will be deleted in several seconds.

Note: Do not disconnect your device during the delete process.




Bottom Line:

After reading this article, you may find that IOTransfer is definitely an easy contact management tool, enabling you to quickly transfer contacts from text file to iPhone. Besides, you can also use it to delete your unwanted contacts in batch to save time. If you haven't tried it, get it now and have a try.

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