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Home > Tips > How to Sync iPhone With iTunes Over WiFi

How to Sync iPhone With iTunes Over WiFi

Solutions for sync iPhone with iTunes over WiFi if you don`t like the constrains of cables. We also show you how to sync iPhone to PC wirelessly without iTunes. Learn how with this article.

Updated Aug 09,2018 | by Admin

Using a cable to sync our iPhone with iTunes to PC is boring cuz the cable is such a constrain for people in this wireless era, not to say that we don`t always have one around. Fortunately, iTunes have made sync iPhone to PC over WiFi possible. Moreover, some smart software even made sync iPhone to PC wirelessly easier. Therefore, we present you this tutorial of how to use iTunes and an iTunes alternative to sync iPhone to PC wirelessly. Follow my steps.

Part 1: Sync iPhone With iTunes Over WiFi

Via iTunes, we can save photos and videos from iPhone to PC to free up iPhone storage and backup iPhone over WiFi wirelessly, so let`s practice how to sync iPhone with iTunes over WiFi:

Step 1: A cable is required for the first time connecting to iTunes to complete the setting of WiFi sync. As shown below, when the iPhone is recognized on iTunes, click “Summary”on the left tab and tick “Sync with this iPhone over WiFi”.


Step2: As the above arrow pointed, click “Apply” in the bottom right corner of iTunes to finish the settings then unplug the cable. Now we are able to sync iPhone with iTunes over WiFi. The next thing to do is to select what items to sync.

iTunes indeed provides lots of convenience for people to sync iPhone to PC wirelessly, but many users also complain about iTunes WiFi sync not working or its frequent instabilities on Windows system. That is why we need other solid software to sync iOS devices without iTunes. For such purpose, we recommend the IOTransfer, an excellent iPhone manager which can efficiently and smoothly sync iPhone to PC wirelessly

Why IOTransfer Works Better than iTunes in Wireless Transfer?

1. IOTransfer supports backup single file or multiple files, but in iTunes users are not allowed to choose specific items to back up

2. IOTransfer runs more stable than iTunes under wireless environment, it implements tasks smoothly and efficiently. iTunes sync not working via WiFi rarely happens on IOTransfer

3. IOTransfer allows users to examine the file immediately after the transfer process completed, iTunes doesn`t include such feature

Part 2: Sync iPhone to PC Wirelessly

Step 1: Open IOTransfer 3 on PC and click “AIR-TRANS” then click “Start Transfer”, a QR code will appear for scanning as shown below.


Step 2: Search “airtrans” from App Store and install it on iPhone. 


Step 3: Open AirTrans on iPhone and tap the little monitor figure on the upper left of the screen (Screenshot 03). Then we are moved to the next page, tap “Scan QR” (Screenshot 04) and scan the QR code appeared in step 1 to connect iPhone with PC. Make sure to Click the name shown on IOTransfer on PC (Screenshot 05) and then tap “allow” on iPhone. Now the iPhone is successfully connected with PC wirelessly. 


Step 4: Let`s say you want to sync a video from iPhone to PC via IOTransfer wirelessly, so just tap the video from “VIDEOS” and tap “Send to PC” on the bottom of AirTrans (Screenshot 06). Meanwhile, the sending process displays on IOTransfer(Screenshot 07). When it is done, the video is saved on PC.



In fact, IOTransfer enables sync iPhone to PC wirelessly with all kinds of video, audio and data. You can transfer dozens of file between iOS devices and PC simultaneously. IOTransfer supports back up iPhone to PC wirelessly as long as the devices are connected to one WiFi signal. More importantly, IOTransfer is more user friendly and stable than iTunes, it can be your perfect iPhone manager! Download and try!

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