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Home > Tips > How to Set and Manage Alarm on iPhone

How to Set and Manage Alarm on iPhone

How to Set and Manage Alarm on iPhone? If you don’t know how to set and manage alarm on iPhone, this article will be helpful to set and manage alarms on your iPhone including how to create a new alarm and how to change the alarm sound.

Updated Apr 27,2018 | by Admin

As new users of iPhone especially for those who were Android users, there might be a lot of questions to use iPhone. Alarm is a daily-use function of a mobile phone to wake you up in the morning so you don't miss work or any important things. Thus, how to set and manage alarm on iPhone should be the top question for new iPhone users.  This article contains two parts. First, it will tell you how to set alarm on iPhone. Second, it will tell you how to manage/change your alarm sounds.

How to set Alarm on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Clock app on your home screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Alarm tab.

Step 3: Tap on the Add button. It's the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4: Set a time for the alarm.

Except set the time, you can also set the alarm sounds, the alarm name, and a reoccurring alarm.

Step5: Tap Save on the top right of your screen. Please refer to below pictures:


This newly created alarm will now appear on the Alarm screen and is automatically turned on. Using your iPhone as an alarm clock to wake you from your beauty sleep is an extremely common practice. But the different alarm sounds give you a different experience. Usually, we want to try different alarm sounds in different time. Use your favorite music as the alarm sounds, it may bring every morning be more beautiful and full of energy and enthusiasm. How to change the alarm sound on your iPhone to the ones you like? Another issue we will solve in this article.

How to Set a Song as Your Alarm Sound on Your iPhone

There are a bunch of alarm sounds to choose from by default, but you may do not like the built-in alarm sounds. Set your favorite songs as your alarm sound it may wake you up in the morning with singing and dancing.

The prerequisite for setting a song as your alarm sound is that the song is already on your phone. If your favorite songs are on your PC or other iOS devices, you can transfer the song/music you like to your iPhone with IOTransfer. IOTransfer offers easy and fast music transfer and sync between iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and PC. Transfer your music, along with the artwork, album and artist info to iPhone and provide a large number of beautiful songs as your alarm sounds. Here you can get details about How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone and here you can get solutions about How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone.

With the songs you like on your PC, now you can set the song you like as your alarm sound.

Step 1: Open the Clock app and tap on the “Alarm” tab from the icons at the bottom.

Step 2: Either hit the + button to add a new alarm, or tap “Edit” and pick an existing one

Step 3: Tap “Sound” and scroll to the very top, then tap on “Pick a song”

Step 4: Select the song you like from your device’s music library.

Step 5: Tap “Back” then tap “Save” to have the song as that alarms sound. Please refer to pictures as follows:


In this way, you can change and set the songs you like as your alarm songs every day. Once you know the method to set a song as your alarm sound, the more important thing is to find the songs/music you like and want to set as alarm sounds. There are a lot of ways to manage the music of iPhone such as iTunes. However, in some situations, iTunes is not available. How to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes? It’s quite simple. You can use IOTransfer to transfer music from computer to iPhone or among your iOS device to share the beautiful songs and provide you a lot of choices to ensure you can set a different alarm sound every day only you like. Except to transfer music from computer to iPhone, IOTransfer is also easy and fast to transfer photos and videos between your PC and iOS device. 

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