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Home > Tips > How to Send iPhone Photos to Computer Wirelessly – 2 Practical Ways Available

How to Send iPhone Photos to Computer Wirelessly – 2 Practical Ways Available

It is important to back up your iPhone photos in case of accidental loss and in this article, how to send iPhone photos to computer wirelessly is our major topic.

Updated Jun 15,2018 | by Micky

As we can see, there are diverse kinds of iPhone transfer software in market for iPhone data backcup like your memorable photos… However, nearly all of them require USB cable connection between your computer and iPhone which seems to be a little bit inconvenient and you don’t take a cable with yourself all the time either. So, in the following tutorial, you will learn how to send iPhone photos to computer wirelessly with the top 2 methods recommended.


Send iPhone Photos to PC over WiFi with An Amazing Third-party Program

I know some of you will think of iCloud backup when I mention iPhone to PC wireless transfer. That’s not the case. In fact, I Cloud has quantities of limitations itself. For example, there is only 15-GB-free storage available and after it running out extra payment will be asked. What’s more, the backup speed sometimes drastically sucks for no reason. Similarly, even if you successfully store your iPhone photos in iCloud, it can take much time for the photo loading to be finished and you must select them one by one to send them to PC because the batch selection feature has been removed.


Luckily, IOTransfer – the most user-friendly iPhone manager – handles iPhone to computer wireless photo transfer in a much more convenient way with which you no longer need to go through long tedious steps like what you do in iPhone “Settings” before iCloud photo backup.

How to send iPhone photos to computer over WiFi? Free download the ultimate iPhone transfer software that has the very feature! Besides, it can also be used as your video converter and downloader.

Send iPhone Photos to PC Wirelessly within Several Clicks

Step 1 Install AirTrans on iPhone

Go to App Store and search for IOTransfer AirTrans, download, install and launch it on your iPhone. Open IOTransfer on PC and click on “AIR-TRANS” at the top. Then, wait for the program to detect the device. If the notification “*** PC wants to connect to your iPhone” pops up, click on “Allow”.


Step 2 Select and Send the Photos You Want to Transfer

After the detection is completed, select the name of your iPhone. Now, go back to AirTrans, tap on “PHOTOS”, tick off the ones you want to send and tap on “Send”.


Step 3 Check the Photos 

After the transferring process gets completed, a window with a pack will be displayed on the interface of IOTransfer on your PC. Click on “Open” and you can check and view the iPhone photos.


Transfer iPhone Photos to PC Wirelessly via Gmail

If you have both a Gmail account and a Gmail App on your iPhone, you might as well try this way which is less efficient compared with the previous one but still practical.

1.       Open the photo App on iPhone.

2.       Tap on “Select” on the upper right and select the photos you want to send to PC.

3.       Tap on the uploading button which looks like a square with an arrow inside and then hit “Mail”

4.       Choose Gmail, type the mail account and passwords and then just follow the onscreen guide…

5.       On your computer, go to, find the transferred photos in the mailbox, right click on them and select “Save the picture as” to store them on your PC.

That’s all about how to send iPhone photos to computer wirelessly. What a great convenience has the IOTransfer’s new feature has brought? Believe it or not, you can have a free download right now and give it a shot on your own.

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