Forget iCloud Password: How to Reset/Recover iCloud Password

by Shannon |Nov 11,2016..

Frequently changing iCloud password is an effective solution to manage your privacy and security. And setting a complex password can protect your iCloud account from being hacked. However different passwords are also hard to remember. So we won't be surprised when people complaining about forgetting their passwords. 

Forgetting iCloud password can be a big trouble. As iCloud stores all your photos, videos, notes, contacts, emails and other documents. One has your iCloud password can access whatever they want. So here we are going to teach a few tricks to help you recover your iCloud password. 

Forgot iCloud password: Things you need to check if having trouble signing in iCloud


There are some minor mistakes that we all may make when entering passwords. Before you say I forgot my iCloud password, here are a few things you need to check first.


•       Make sure Caps Lock is open or closed. Caps in keyboard is light up after you press the button.

•       Check if you are using the correct iCloud Apple ID, the email address you entered is correct or not.


How to Reset Your iCloud Password Using Recovery Email


You need to follow these simple steps to recover your password using email.


•       First, open Safari browser on computer or iPhone or any device you have. Type in the address bar.

•       Simply enter your Apple ID and click continue.

enter your Apple ID.png

•       Select "I need to reset my password" in the Password Reset Options and continue.

i need to reset my password.png

•       On the page, you'll see 2 options to reset your password "Get an email" and "Answer security questions". After choosing "Get an email", a Password Reset Email will be sent to your Apple ID email address.

get an email.png

email sent.png

•       You will need to check the reset mail and click the URL in it to reset your iCloud password.

How to Reset Your iCloud Password Using Two-factor Authentication 


If you already turned on two-factor authentication on iPads, iPhone or Mac before, the retrieval process will be different for you.


•       Step 1 is the same, you should access and enter your Apple ID.

•       Then enter a trusted phone number you set before.

confirm phone number.png

•       After choosing "Reset from another device", a message will be sent to your trusted device. 

reset from another device.png

•       Next, you need to finish the resetting processing on the trusted device.

reset password on trusted device.jpg

•       First press Allow on the device and enter the unlock passcode.

•       Now you can type in your new password and tap "Next".

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