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Home > Tips > How to Play Audiobooks on iPhone in My Car

How to Play Audiobooks on iPhone in My Car

Playing audiobooks on iPhone in my car is an efficient way to relieve the boredom of driving. Follow the article to learn how to play audiobooks on iPhone in my car.

Updated Aug 29,2018 | by Joy

While I am driving myself on a long journey or daily commuting, I always feel bored and tired. You may have the same feeling, right? Is there an efficient way to relieve the boredom of driving? Yes, of course. Through my previous experience, playing audiobooks on iPhone in my car can be a great way to remove my bad and boring feelings. Here you may ask how to play audiobooks on iPhone in my car. No worry. The article shows you two methods to play audiobooks on iPhone in my car. Read on to find out the best way that works for you.

Method 1: Use USB Cable to Play Audiobooks on iPhone in My Car

With the development of technology, almost all cars are equipped with the car stereo, also known as car infotainment system and GPS navigation system, designing for people to have more enjoyable driving experiences. If your car has a USB port built in, you can plug your iPhone into it to play your favorite audiobooks.


Step 1. Insert the USB cable that is connected your iPhone into a USB port in your car.

Step2. Select the USB option in the car stereo and then navigate to Audible from the root folder to play audiobooks existing on iPhone.

Method 2: Use Bluetooth to Play Audiobooks in My Car

As we all know, the process of setting up a Bluetooth network is called pairing. Therefore, to successfully connect through Bluetooth, you need to note that both your iPhone and car stereo should support the same Bluetooth protocol. 

Step 1. Set up Your iPhone 

Go to ‘Settings’ and switch on Bluetooth on your iPhone.


Step 2. Set up Your Car Stereo

Some vehicles have an easily accessible button that enables users to start the pairing process, while others will require people to navigate through the car stereo. If you still can not find the button, you can read through the owner's manual to find out how to finish the pairing.


Step 3. Pair Your iPhone to the Car

Your iPhone will scan or search for your car and then connect the car to your iPhone. Or your car will also search for your iPhone and then connect the iPhone to your car. Sometimes your car may send a code which you need to verify it on your iPhone. Then just simply tap connect on iPhone and the pairing process will be completed. Then you can freely play audiobooks on iPhone in your car.


Sometimes, you must want to play more free audiobooks in your car. However, what should you do if all these audiobooks you want to play are on your computer? You firstly need to transfer them from PC to iPhone and then use the above methods to freely play them in your car.

[Bonus Tip] How to Transfer Audiobooks from PC to iPhone

Here you can have a try with this easy iPhone manager - IOTransfer, allowing users to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, audiobooks and other data from PC to iPhone. Let’s see how to transfer audiobooks to iPhone with this tool.

Step 1. Download IOTransfer and install it on your computer. Note that it works in Windows 7/8/8.1/10, iOS 8 or later.

Step 2. Open IOTransfer and connect your iPhone with a USB cable. Once connected, click ‘MANAGE’ tab at the top menu and then go to ‘Books’>‘Audiobooks’. 


Step 3. Click ‘Import’ button and then choose audiobooks you want to transfer from PC to iPhone. It only takes several seconds to finish the transfer. But do not disconnect your device during the transfer process.



After the transfer, your audiobooks will be added to Apple’s iBooks app. Then you can follow the above two methods to play them in your car. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to transfer ebooks to iPhone and play them in your car. One important thing to note is that you should drive safely at the prescribed speed when playing audiobooks on iPhone in your car.

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