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Home > Tips > [Tutorial] How to Move iPhone Contacts to Email (Outlook, Gmail…)

[Tutorial] How to Move iPhone Contacts to Email (Outlook, Gmail…)

There are many ways to back up iPhone contacts, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, Email, and some third-party iPhone transfer software. This time, that how to move iPhone contacts to email including Outlook and Gmail is our major concern.

Updated May 10,2018 | by Micky

There are different solutions to backing up iPhone contacts and email is a good place to permanently store them. Unlike iCloud which only offers a 5-GB free storage, an email has no limit on it.

However, to transfer iPhone contacts to email is never an easy job which can take over 10 steps as you can find in Google Search. So, how to move iPhone contacts to email in the right way? In the following tutorial, I will try my best to make it brief and clear. Let’s take Gmail and Outlook for example.


Solution 1 Send iPhone Contacts to Gmail via iCloud

To directly move iPhone contacts to email without any help of a third-party program is the commonest way but also the most complicated.

1.       Connect your iPhone to PC and make sure they are sharing the same network.

2.       Go to “Settings” on the iPhone’s home screen and tap your Apple account.

3.       Tap “iCloud” and go to iCloud settings.

4.       Switch “Contacts” toggle to green to sync the contacts to iCloud.


5.       Navigate to and login in with your ID and passwords.

6.       Go to “Contacts”, select the contacts you want to transfer by clicking or select them all by tapping “Ctrl+A”.

7.       Click on the gear button at the lower left and click on “Export vCard…” and the contacts will be saved on your PC in .vcf.


8.       Go to your Gmail account, click on the icon “Gmail” on the top left and hit “Contacts”.

9.       In the opened page, if it’s the Material Design Version, you must click on “Go to the older version” at the lower left.

10.       Click on “Import Contacts” in the left menu, select the .vcf files from the folder where you stored them and begin the importing process. In a short while, the contacts will appear in the Gmail’s address book.

Solution 2 How to Move All Your iPhone Contacts to Email - Outlook via CopyTrans Contacts

CopyTrans Contacts provides a feature with which you can manage your iPhone contacts by importing, exporting and deleting them.

Now, let’s take outlook, for example, to see how we can move iPhone contacts to email.

1.       Download CopyTrans Contacts on your PC and install it.

2.       Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable.

3.       After it’s recognized, your iPhone/iPad will be displayed at the upper left. Select the contacts or all the contacts you want to transfer in the left list and then click on “Export selected” at the top left.


4.       In the opened panel, select “” and decide where you want to store the contacts. Your contacts will be saved in .csv.


5.       Login in your Outlook account and go to the tab “People”. Click on “Manage” and select “Import contacts” from the drop-down list.


6.       Select the .csv files from the folder where you stored them and click on “Import” to import iPhone contacts to Outlook. Wait for several seconds before the process gets accomplished.

As you can see, both the 2 methods mentioned above – using email for iPhone contact backup – are not yet convenient enough. If you are seeking a more user-friendly way, I have prepared one that only takes 2 steps for iPhone contact backup for you.

IOTransfer iPhone transfer software is a fairly versatile program for you to back up all kinds of iOS files from contacts to photos, videos without a network connection. Only a few steps will be taken and it’s definitely the best choice for newbies! Moreover, Unlike iCloud, you should never worry about data loss in the course of the transferring process for its good reputation of “100% safe”!

How to Move iPhone Contacts to PC for Backup

Free download the best iPhone manager to transfer iPhone contacts to PC for backup.

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone to PC

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized. If the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, click on “Trust” to confirm it.


Step 2. Transfer All Your iPhone Contact to PC Directly from the Home Page

On the homepage, you can see the green icon “Contacts”. Select it, set a transfer path and click on “Transfer to PC”. Wait for seconds before you can find the contacts saved in .ctt in the folder you previously set. 


An Alternative Step. Select A Certain or Several Contacts for Backup

Go to “MANAGE” at the top, click on “Contacts” in the left list, tick off the contacts you want to transfer by their names and click on “Export”. Select the folder you already set and begin the backup process.


After working your way through the detailed tutorial I know you have already got how to transfer iPhone contacts to your email like Gmail and Outlook and what the best way is to back up your iPhone contacts? Find your preferred method and go for it!

Other Wonderful Features of IOTransfer

1.       Convert HEIC photos to JPG.

2.       Directly download YouTube videos to iOS devices

3.       Back up all sorts of iOS data with ease.

4.       Clear your iPhone cache and junk files.

5.       Remove unused Apps from iPhone.

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