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How to Manage iPhone Contacts in Free and Easy Ways

Do you know how to manage your iPhone contacts in a free and easy way? This page introduces you a smart tool IOTransfer which provides you with a free and easy way to manage your iPhone contacts by editing, importing, and deleting your contacts one by one or in batch. And if you have any question when you try IOtransfer, you can contact IOTransfer support to get a fast and professional reply.

Updated Jun 08,2018 | by Micky

Nowadays, it is very easy for us to communicate with people by social applications, but cell phone is still the main tool for us to communicate with our family and friends, especially when something is important or when there is an emergency. However do you have the habit to manage your contacts at a fixed frequency? Do you know any free and easy way to manage the contacts?

If you are a iPhone user, you may have hundreds or even thousands of contact numbers stored on your iPhone as iPhone Contacts app enables users to store unlimited numbers. Sometimes it is very hard to find the right contact number as you need to go over so many numbers. You may have outdated, duplicated, wrong numbers, and multiple entries of a person stored in your iPhone, which makes it's harder for you to find out the correct contact number. So it is very important for us to spend some time to manage your iPhone contacts and make sure they are correct and easy to find.

Of course, you can manage your iPhone contacts directly on your iPhone. However, as every iPhone user knows, Apple does not allow to delete contacts massively, you have to manage your contact one by one, which is very time-consuming.

If you are encountering the same troubles about your iPhone contacts, you must try the solution in this article. It provides you with the detailed information of how to manage iPhone contacts in a free and easy way.

How to manage and organize iPhone contacts in free and easy way with a tool

Download IOtransfer and install it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and make sure to click the Trust button on your iPhone. If you enabled the iCould contact, IOtransfer will prompt a window with detailed steps to ask you to turn it off:


Now let us start to edit, add, import, or export your contacts as detailed steps listed below:

1. How to edit contacts on iPhone

Stpe1: Open IOtransfer and go to Manage tab to click Contacts. 


Step2: Find the contact you would like to edit and then click the edit icon to edit the contact information



2. How to add contacts to iPhone

When you need to add a contact, click the New icon and then enter the contact details to save.



You can also import contacts in bulk:

Click the Import icon and then choose the contact files to add contacts massively


3. How to delete contacts from iPhone massively

This may be the most important feature for most iPhone users as Apple do not allow to delete contacts massively. With the contact manager feature of IOtransfer, you can delete your iPhone contacts one by one or in bulk easily by just selecting the contacts you would like to delete and then clicking the Delete icon.  


4. How to BackupYour iPhone Contacts

After you managed and organized your contacts, it is very important for you to back up your iPhone contacts. IOtransfer provides you with one-click solution to back up or export your contacts so that you can keep a copy on your computer. With a copy on your computer, you can import back anytime if any contacts are deleted accidently. Or you can important your contacts to a new iPhone, e.g. when you get a new iPhone X.


After a try, you will find that IOtransfer enables you to manage your iPhone contacts in free and easy ways. As a professional iPhone content manager, IOtransfer also has the following advantages, which provides you with the most easy and convenient way to manage and organize your iPhone content or import new content to your iPhone from your computer and other devices.

*Supports to transfer and backup your Photos, Contacts, Videos, and music with just one-click

*Supports to edit, import, export, and delete your Photos, Contacts, Videos, and music one by one or in bulk

*Supports to download Videos from hundreds of sites and transfer to you iPhone so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere

*Helps you clean junks to free up your iPhone space

*Works well with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and support all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

And it is just as easy as managing your iPhone contacts to manage your iPhone Photos, Contacts, Videos, and Music with the help of IOTransfer. Download IOtransfer Now and have a try.

For more information about how to manage iPhone contacts, please go to

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