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Home > Tips > How to Make a Ringtone for iPhone with iTunes

How to Make a Ringtone for iPhone with iTunes

Have been thinking of make a ringtone for iPhone with iTunes? Personalized iPhone ringtone can take you out of the ordinary, in this article we help you to make a ringtone for iPhone with iTunes upon the latest version! Click in to learn how!

Updated Aug 10,2018 | by Admin

You might get bored of the default ringtones and have been thinking to make a ringtone for iPhone with iTunes. But it seems to be a bit complex to do it totally on your own, right? We are here to demonstrate you how to make a unique ringtone on iTunes with favorite songs, follow us!

Noticeably, Apple has made significant changes in iTunes 12.8 for ringtone feature, so make sure to update to the latest version before make a ringtone for iPhone with iTunes.

You can download iTunes from the official link of Apple:

Part 1: Make a Ringtone for iPhone with iTunes -- Guidence Step by Step

Step 1: Launch iTunes on PC, select “Songs” on the left under “Music” category. Choose the song that you want to make as your new ringtone. Then right click the song to enter the “Song Info” page.


Step 2: In this page, select “Option” and tick “start” and “stop” to set the length of the ringtone, the length is 30 seconds maximum. Then click “OK”


Step 3: Click “Edit” on the top left corner in iTunes homepage, and select “preference”.


As shown below, in the “preference” page, continue with “General” →”Import Settings”→ ”Import Using”, and choose “AAC Encoder”, click OK to finish this step.


Step 4: Select the song which was edited before, Click “File” on the top left in iTunes homepage then select “Convert”, continue with “Create AAC Version”.


Step 5: it takes a few minutes for the conversion, then the edited song of 30 seconds shows up. Right click the song and select “Show in Windows Explorer”.


In Windows Explorer, right click the song and rename the file extension from m4a to m4r. 


Step 6: Go back to iTunes, right click the m4r song to “Delete from Library”.


As shown below, select “Delete Song” and “Keep File” when the box appears in turn.


Step 6: Go back to Windows Explorer and double click the m4r song generated in step 5, then the new ringtone is saved on iPhone, just go to iPhone: Settings→Sounds→Ringtone to find it from the list and set it as your default ringtone.

Make a ringtone for iPhone with iTunes is not that simple, but you did it! With the proud of this work, you want share the ringtone with friends? Yep! We`ve got a solution for you—Use IOTransfer to sync or back up your self-made ringtones and loved music from iPhone to PC. IOTransfer is a perfect iTunes alternative for syncing music. Unlike iTunes only allows to sync purchased music, IOTransfer supports sync and back up all the audio and videos from iPhone to PC. So let`s take a quick look how to sync music from iPhone to PC.

Part 2: Sync iPhone music from iPhone to PC

Step 1: Download IOTransfer and launch it on PC. IOTransfer works in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and supports iOS 8 and later, so you can use it on almost all your devices.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC with USB cable, tap “Allow” on iPhone when asked.

Step 3: Go to “MANAGE” and select “Music” from the left column, then all iPhone music appear in the list. Tick the music to sync to PC, then click “Export” and choose a location on PC to save the synced music. After the above steps, the sync task is completed.


Isn`t it just so easy and efficient to use IOTransfer to sync iPhone music to PC? More than that, IOTransfer also has the free online video downloader and video converter features which you can use to download loved online videos and convert them into any format compatible to specific device. Another good news is that we are extensively testing the ringtone maker feature embedded in the new version of IOTransfer, stay tuned!

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