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Home > Tips > How to Make Animated GIFs from iPhone Videos

How to Make Animated GIFs from iPhone Videos

If you've ever wondered whether you can create your own GIFs from the videos on your iPhone, you can find an answer in this article which introduces you the best GIF apps to meet your needs.

Updated Jan 07,2019 | by Cody

GIFs are hugely popular and are constantly being shared on the Internet by lots of people as GIFs are very easy to share and consume. For whatever reason, people appear to enjoy watching a few frames of something repeating endlessly. If you’re active on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, you’ve probably seen a bunch of curious, interesting GIFs doing the rounds. 

There’s no doubt that GIFs are endless fun, but it is even more fun when you can make your own. I love to share my own animated GIFs with friends to have fun and express how I am feeling at the moment. It is also useful to share interesting GIFs with colleagues to relieve stress at work when necessary. After smiles, you will get more motivations and boost your mood to deal with the rest of the work at ease. 

But how can we create our own animated GIF? Keep reading the article, you will find 2 effective ways to create and share animated GIFs right from your iPhone videos. 

Method 1: Make GIFs from iPhone Videos with IOTransfer

Step 1: Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC

Before creating the GIFs, the first step we need to do is to transfer videos from iPhone to PC. IOTransfer, an iTunes alternative, helps you quickly and safely transfer your video files from iPhone to PC. What’s more, you can also transfer videos to PC for backup. 

Now Download and Install IOTransfer on your computer first and follow the steps below to transfer videos to PC. IOTransfer offers two ways to transfer videos from iPhone to PC.

1. Transfer iPhone videos using MANAGE feature 

1) Connect the iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and launch IOTransfer. Your iPhone will be recognized automatically by IOTransfer.

Make Animated GIFs from iPhone Videos

2) Once IOTransfer recognizes your iPhone, click the MANAGE tab.

3) On the right panel, click on Videos to view all videos on your iPhone.


4) Select the video you want to make GIFs and click Export to copy the video to your PC.

exported2. Transfer iPhone videos wirelessly with AIR-TRANS feature

 1) Install IOTransfer AirTrans app on your iPhone and open it.

Please go to App Store, search for IOTransfer AirTrans, and then install it on your iPhone.


2) Launch IOTransfer on PC > click AIR-TRANS tab > click the Start Transfer button. After that, IOTransfer will automatically search for available iOS devices on the same WIFI network.

If failed, you can scan the QR code with IOTransfer AirTrans on iPhone to complete the connection of IOTransfer and your iPhone.

3) Once available devices are detected, click on the iPhone name to connect your iPhone to PC. Remember to tap Allow on your iPhone to allow the connection.

4) Click the Send to iPhone button to select the video and send it to your PC.

After transferring the video to your PC, the next thing you need to do is to take good use of it to create your own animated GIF image.

Step 2: Make Automated GIFs from iPhone Videos

GIF Maker is a small but very efficient tool to create animated GIFs quickly. It is quite easy to take the following instructions to make your own GIF image.

1. Launch IOTransfer, click the TOOLs tab, and then launch the GIF Maker tool.

gif maker 2. Click the Add Video button to add the video.

3. After loading the video, you can custom to select the time duration (Start Time and End Time), FPS, and Scaling, and then click Create GIF to start making your own animated GIF.

create gif on iPhone

 4. Once the GIF is created, switch to AIR-TRANs feature of IOTransfer, and then transfer the GIF to your iPhone. 

Besides making GIFs from videos, IOTransfer Online GIF Maker can also help make GIFs with iPhone photos. 

Method 2: 3 popular GIF apps to make GIFs on iPhone

There are also many third-party apps that help make animated GIFs directly on your iPhone. Here we’d like to introduce you 3 popular GIF apps to create animated GIFs. These apps can be easily found in AppStore.


GIPHY CAM is a free platform can easily make things adventurous and fun oriented for you all. With GIPHY CAM, users can record a short GIF and share it via text message, or across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Users also have the option to save the created gif to their camera roll effortlessly.

2. GifBoom

GifBoom capitalizes on the current popularity of animated GIFs by providing a single interface for creating, sharing, and commenting on GIFs with your friends on GifBoom as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, or via email or MMS. GifBoom allows users to create their own animated GIFs or to "reboom" GIFs of other users. With the full account of this app, you can join a community of other creators to create, share, and collect the best animated images on the Web. 

3. Giffer

Giffer is a user-friendly and powerful app that can develop GIF images within seconds. It has abilities to generate any kind of gif you want: cinema graphs, back-and-forth looped gifs, stop-motion gifs, jitter/wiggle gifs, time lapse gifs, slideshow gifs. cat gifs. and dog gifs. Users can utilize 25 unique filters to manipulate or customize their GIF collections and with a wide range of animated photography tools, they can easily develop professional looking results. The best part is its ability to share resulting GIF files directly share via text or email or to Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook in parallel.

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