Why iPhone Home Button Not Working, and How to Fix My iPhone Home Button Not Working Issue Quickly?

by Niko |Jul 08,2016..


Due to the inappropriate or high frequency of use, iPhone home button becomes unresponsive or it may stop working from time to time. It’s not for a certain model of iPhone, and actually, this is a common complaint and issue of iPhone users. iPhone home button not working issue just becomes more and more common these days. If you are experiencing iPhone home button not working problem, in the following, we offer some feasible methods on getting this resolved.

Recalibrate Your iPhone Home Button

We are going to introduce you an old trick to recalibrate your unresponsive home button. We are not clear how and why this method works, but it certainly works that even makes iPhone 6/6s home button more responsive than before. If your iPhone home button not working properly, just follow these simple steps:

Firstly, open a pre-installed iOS application on your iPhone, such as Weather, Health, Maps or Stocks. Secondly, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see “slide to power off”. Thirdly, press and hold the Home button until the “slide to power off” screen disappear.

That’s all. You will find that app gets terminated by this recalibrate action, and also your iPhone Home button may become more responsive and work better now. If iPhone home button not working issue still exists, then try other methods.

Clean Your iPhone Home Button

Dust clogged in the edge space of your iPhone Home button would make iPhone home button not working. Instead of spending time and money on repairing it, you can clean the Home button by yourself. Try to press the Home button and blow dust away, and repeat multiple times. It might help get your iPhone Home button’s responsiveness back.

Turn on AssistiveTouch on iPhone

AssistiveTouch is one of the greatest features that can replace Home button and let you take full control of your iPhone device. No matter you are facing iPhone home button not working issue or not, we suggest you turn on AssistiveTouch and use it. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Turn it On.


Reset or Restore Your iPhone

Sometimes, reset or restore your iPhone might help resolve iPhone home button not working issue. A reset could be done on your iPhone directly. There are multiple reset options, including Reset All Settings, Reset All Contents and Settings, Reset Network Settings and etc. Usually, we recommend you to select Reset All Settings. In this way, you can format your iPhone back to factory settings but have all content kept.

You need connect iTunes to restore your iPhone. Note that restoring your iPhone will wipe everything from your iPhone, including the OS, apps, content and settings. Just like it has never been used. So, you need to backup your iPhone before restoring it.

Other Alternative Fixes for Jailbroken iPhone

There are many tweaks and apps available in the Cydia store, like iHome, Zephyr, Activator and much more, and they will help change your iPhone buttons’ settings. If your iPhone is jailbroken and your iPhone home button is not working, then you can take full advantage of them to replace the use of your Home button. For example, you enable to change the Home button actions to Volume Down button.

After trying all above methods, and the iPhone home button not working issue still exists, you may need to make an appointment at the nearest Apple store and let them repair your iPhone Home button. 

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