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Home > Tips > Top 5 Solutions on How to Fix Safari Cannot Find Server iPhone

Top 5 Solutions on How to Fix Safari Cannot Find Server iPhone

Do you know how to fix Safari cannot find server iPhone? Here we show you the top 5 solutions to help you solve Safari cannot find server iPhone.

Updated Dec 01,2018 | by Lane

Have you ever gotten an error “Safari cannot find server iPhone”? This error occurs commonly for iPhone users who use Safari as the default browser. Safari is unable to load some webpages due to various reasons and we will show you some efficient methods to fix Safari cannot find server iPhone.

How to Fix Safari Cannot Find Server iPhone

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Method 1: Restart iPhone

Restarting iPhone is always the prior method to try to solve some problems. Sometimes the system just has a run time fault accidently which makes iPhone frozen or slower. You can restart the iPhone to see if it works again. I believe restarting the iPhone will fix Safari cannot find server iPhone error and other issues.

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Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

It is the simple but necessary method to fix Safari cannot find server iPhone. The error occurs if you have not opened the cellular network or Wi-Fi. And remember to check whether you use the Airplane mode or not. Besides, the bad internet connection also causes this problem. So make sure you have a good internet connection before opening Safari.

Method 3: Clear Safari Caches and Website Data

The Safari error might happen if Safari browser is conflicting with the previous browsing sessions. So you need to clear Safari caches and website data on iPhone to solve Safari cannot find server iPhone. You can clear them by following the steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and move to Safari.

Step 2: Tap Safari, then tap Clear History and Website Data.

Step 3: Open the Safari browser and load the webpage you opened before to check if the issue is fixed or not.


In addition to Safari caches and website data, there are some other junk files and caches stored on your iPhone. To free up more storage space and get a faster iPhone experience, you can remove all of them with IOTransfer Phone cleaner. It will clean your iPhone just with one click. Here is how to clean up your iPhone with IOTransfer.

Step 1: Free Download and install IOTransfer to your PC. IOTransfer works well with Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

Step 2: Launch IOTransfer and connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

Step 3: Click CLEAN. IOTransfer will scan the junk files and caches automatically. Then click Clean My iPhone.

How to Fix Safari Cannot Find Server iPhone

Step 4: The cleanup will be completed in a few seconds. Enjoy a clean iPhone now.

How to Fix Safari Cannot Find Server iPhone

Method 4: Check DNS and Modify DNS Settings

If you are not using reliable DNS server, you will receive the error of Safari cannot connect to server iPhone. DNS is a domain name system and it is used in loading webpage on the internet. It converts the webpage link into the IP Address automatically as it is easier to remember a domain name than an IP address. Following the steps to check and modify the DNS server.

Step 1: Open Settings app on iPhone, then tape WLAN.

Step 2: Tap the icon that is next to the Wi-Fi name as shown below.

Step 3: Tap Configure DNS. If it is Automatic, change it to Manual. Then tap Add Server, add Google DNS server or

Method 5: Try  a Different Browser

If you still can not upload the websites after all the methods above, maybe you should try to use a different browser. It helps to confirm if there is a specific problem with Safari or with other elements.

The Bottom Line

Hope one of the five solutions above can fix Safari cannot find server iPhone for you. Besides, we mentioned a Phone cleaner tool called IOTransfer in the Method 3. It is a useful iPhone manager which can not only clean iPhone but also transfer files from iPhone to PC.  Please share this article with your friends who are iPhone users to help them to resolve the error. If you have any other problems about using iPhone, leave a message below at the comment place.

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