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Home > Tips > 4 Tips for iPhone Storage Full - The Best Way to Make More iPhone Storage Space

4 Tips for iPhone Storage Full - The Best Way to Make More iPhone Storage Space

How to fix iPhone storage full problem when iPhone system takes too much space? This time, I will provide the top 4 best solutions to clear iPhone storage to keep it running in the best state.

Updated Mar 16,2018 | by Micky

A full iPhone storage can cause many problems. For example, unable to open WhatsApp, slow iPhone opening speed, and frequent system crash. So, how to fix iPhone storage full when iPhone system takes too much space is urgent for your iPhone’s safety and function.

In the following contents, I will provide you guys with the best 4 methods to make enough space for iPhone and make it clean.


Method 1 Clear Cache Data on iPhone on Regular Basis

Cache is one of the main sources that occupie storage space on iPhone. Apps can accumulate a huge number of cache if they don’t self-clean. Due to its unseen nature, cache is not easy to find and clean. Hence, you need an efficient iOS cleaner to fix the mess. Free download IOTransfer iPhone cleaner, to have a try. Within only 2 clicks you can completely remove cache data from your iDevice.

Step 1 Preparation before iPhone Cleaning

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable and wait until the device gets recognized. Then, click on CLEAN on the top of the interface.


Step 2 Begin iPhone App Cleaning

Click on “Scan My iPad”. If your iPad is clean, you will be prompted with “Congratulations, your device is clean!” and if not, just follow the guide to start the cleaning process.


Method 2 Uninstall Unused Apps from iPhone

Too many unused Apps also occupy space on your iDevice and slow down the system speed as well. To regularly remove them from your iPhone should be your best choice to keep it clean.

Instead of tapping and removing them one by one by tapping on the small touch pad, you can delete multiple Apps simultaneously by ticking their icons off in IOTransfer’s MANAGE panel.

Step 1 Preparation before the Fixing Begins

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC and wait until the device gets recognized. Go to MANAGE on the top, then click on Apps on the left where you can view all the Apps already on your iPhone including the version and size.


Step 2 Select the Apps You Want to Delete

Tick off the Apps you want to install and click on “Delete” at the top to remove them all.


Method 3 Back up Photos, Videos and Music from iPhone to PC

iPhone has many wonderful and practical feature, not the least of which are its high definition photography and lossless media player. In this case, users love to use iPhone as their daily digital camera taking quantities of photos, or buying videos and music from iTunes for entertainment on the go. However, both of them take too much space leading to a full iPhone storage. But you don’t want to lose those memorable photos and nice videos and music yet. Then, what should you do? Back up iPhone photo, videos and music to PC must be the best solution.

You can either back up them to iTunes or iCloud while both of them have critical defects. As for iTunes, once you need to back up a certain kind of file from iPhone to PC, all other kinds of files will come along. For iCloud, which is worse, people keep complaining about data loss and slow speed in the course of transfer.

But still, IOTransfer – the best iPhone transfer software helps you repair iPhone storage full issue in the best way.

Launch IOTransfer, on the main interface, select Photos, Music and Videos. Click on Transfer to PC and all of them will be backed up to a PC folder within seconds. If you want to customize the backup process, go to MANAGE and manually select the digital files you want to transfer. After finished, you can bulk delete iPhone photos to save storage space.


Method 4 Turn Off iCloud Drive

You must be wondering why iCloud should be turned off since it is a way to back up your iPhone data in order to save more space?

In fact, those words about iCloud are misleading. iCloud works only when your iDevice is lost and with iCloud, you can restore your photo data from the cloud server. But if you want to move your files to iCloud for backup and then delete them from your iPhone to save more space, you are too naïve. Once you remove your photos, videos or anything like that, they are gone forever, from both iCloud and your device. But that’s not the point. Users always complain iCloud somehow takes much storage on their devices and here is an example: Taking up 70GB from a 250GB storage is definitely intolerable, but that is exactly the way iCloud works. It’s time to shut it down.

Go to Settings - iCloud – iCloud Drive – Off

Now, I am pretty sure you have clearly learnt how to fix iPhone storage full when iPhone's system takes much space. To make the cleaning job simple, free download IOTransfer iPhone manager to keep your iDevices running in the best state.


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