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Home > Tips > [Tips 2018] How to Fix App Store Blank Screen on iPhone

[Tips 2018] How to Fix App Store Blank Screen on iPhone

Why doesn’t App store work anymore and how to fix App store blank screen on iPhone? Have you met this issue before that after launching iPhone App Store, nothing appeared but only a page with nothing on?

Updated Sep 12,2018 | by Micky

A User’s Question: The App store doesn’t work on my new iPhone. After I launch it, nothing appears on the screen when I’m trying searching for Apps I need. How to fix App Store blank screen on iPhone?

Have you ever encountered this issue? The App Store on your iPhone is totally blank and shows nothing while other Apps work fine. It isn’t even loading but only a blank screen appears.

Fortunately, in the following tutorial, some detailed information will be provided to explain why this error occurs along with specific and practical solutions to dealing with it.


Method 1 Check Whether Apple's Official Server Is Still Working Properly

First of all, we must make sure whether the “App Store not working” is caused by Apple’s server crash.

Go to Apple System Status and check whether App Store is “green-on”. If not, that means the App’s server is going through a downtime.

Similarly, you can also apply this method when other Apps based on Apple’s official server don’t work anymore.


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Method 2 Restart App Store

Although it sounds a little bit weird and simple, to shut down the App and restart it tends to solve some small glitches now and then.

Double-tap on the home button, swipe App Store to the right to shut it down and then, restart it to see whether it works now.

Method 3 Sign out of the Apple ID and Create A New One to Log in Again

If the above methods don’t work yet and you’re still wondering why iPhone App Store doesn’t work, you can try recreating a new Apple account, because the App service may be restricted in the region you applied for the former one.

Follow the steps below to learn how to get it done.

Step 1 Log out of App Store and tap “Sign in” again.

Step 2 Tap on “Create New Apple ID”.

Step 3 Select a different region and continue.

Step 4 Use a new email address to create an Apple ID and set a security question.

Step 5 Enter your credit card and billing information.

Step 6 Verify the email address by following the onscreen guide.

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Method 4 Make Sure Port 80 and Port 443 Are Open

This might seems to be a little bit technical, but it doesn’t matter much. Port 80 and Port 443 are set up to ensure the connection between App Store and internet. If any of them is not opened, then, App Store won’t work properly.

Go to and if it successfully loads, Port 443 is working fine. Then, try opening several different websites to see whether they can be opened. If they do, Port 80 is opened.

If neither of them is opened, please reset the network.

Method 5 Reset Network Settings

If Apps on your iPhone don’t work properly or cannot be opened at all, it might be caused by improper network settings.

In this case, to reset network setting can be the best choice to fix the problem

Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on “Reset Network Settings” and follow the onscreen guide to finish it.

Now, reconnect your iPhone to the local internet and check whether App Store works again.


Bottom Line

By having a researching on a great number of users who complain about the iPhone App Store blank issues along with the methods they ever tried, the top 5 most effective solutions have been listed up in the above article.

Hopefully, you can solve the glitch with much more ease now.

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