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How to Export Contacts from iPhone to PC

Free way to export contacts from iPhone to PC. This article teaches you how to export your contacts in iPhone/iPad to your computer.

Updated Apr 20,2018 | by Niko

How to export Contacts from iPhone to PC for a backup, to avoid the troubles that Contacts is accidently deleted or even the whole iPhone is lost? These days iPhone has been one of the more popular smartphone choices for many people. They use it to contact with colleagues, schoolmates, friends, and families.

One of the most important features is the Contacts app, because it holds the entire address book which includes emails, phone numbers, address and a whole lot more. And it is the easiest and fastest communication tool. But it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to rebuild them once you lose them by accident due to some reasons, like mistaken deletion, iOS upgrade, jailbreak, or you get your iPhone lost, broken, or stolen.  So exporting Contacts of your iPhone or iPad to your computers in advance is very important.

You may know some methods to export iPhone contacts to a computer. However, the quickest and easiest way may be to do it with an app. IOTransfer is a good choice. It can export all or multiple contacts from iPhone to computer as a backup, restore contacts from PC to iPhone without erasing the current data, and sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone directly. In short, IOTransfer offers an easier way to manage iPhone contacts quickly and safely. The following are the two ways of using IOTransfer to transfer Contacts from your iPhone / iPad / iPod to your computer.

The First Way to Export iPhone Contacts to PC

Step 1: Download and install IOTransfer. You can download and install IOTransfer.

Step 2: Open IOTransfer and connect your iPhone to your PC. Then IOTransfer will automatically recognize your iPhone.

Step 3: Select Contacts in the main screen and click the button “Transfer to PC”. It will start exporting contacts of your iPhone or iPad or iPod to your PC.


Step 4: After the export finishes, you can click “Open file location” button to open the folder that saves your exported contacts to check them.


Notes: The exported contacts will be saved in C drive by default. You can click the text link “Set transfer path” under the button “Transfer to PC” to choose other folder as the saved folder for your contacts. It is recommended not to save files in C drive, because the storage usage of C drive will affect computer performance.


The Second Way to Export iPhone Contacts to PC

Step 1: Go to IOTransfer.

Step 2: Click the tap Manage on the top of the main screen. Then click Contacts in the left panel.


Step 3: Select the contacts that you want to export or back up, or check the checkbox before “Select All” to select all of the listed contacts. Then click Export.


Step 4: It will ask you to choose the path where to save your exported contacts. After you choose the save path, it will start exporting your contacts from your iPhone to your PC.


Step 5: After the exporting finishes, you can click View Files button to check the exported contacts.


After learning the quick and easy ways of transferring contacts, now you can use IOTransfer to export your iPhone / iPad contacts to your PC.


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