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Home > Tips > [Tips] How to Download Movies from Netflix to iPhone and PC

[Tips] How to Download Movies from Netflix to iPhone and PC

Are they any ways to save Netflix movies on iPhone for offline watching? Yes, this time, I will explain how to download movies from Netflix to iPhone and PC in with the simplest Netflix video downloader methods.

Updated May 23,2018 | by Micky

On Netflix, the most renowned online movie/TV Series provider in the world, you can always find whatever you want including the latest movies and some old but classic ones. Some of them charges but the others are free that allows you to download for offline watching.

Are you looking for any free Netflix video downloader and how to download movies from Netflix to iPhone and PC to have an offline visual experience on the go, during a dull flight, or on a long bus journey.

Gladly, you can find the best answers in the following tutorial!


How to Download Movies on NetFlix for Free on iPhone

In fact, Netflix App provides an inbuilt video download feature to help you save your favorite movies and TV episodes on iPhone. In this case, it becomes much simpler without the help of any third-party video download programs.

1.       Open Netflix App on your iPhone and tap on the menu button that looks like 3 horizontal lines on the upper left and go to “App Settings” at the bottom of the list.

2.       Change “Cellular Data Usage” into “Wi-Fi only” under “VIDEO PLAYBACK” otherwise your expensive iPhone data will drain quickly.

3.       You can decide whether or not to change the downloaded video’s quality by switching between “Standard” and “Higher”


4.       Tap on the menu button again and then hit “Available for Download”. In this way, a list of movies or TV series’ titles will be displayed on the screen. Swipe around to find the one you like.


5.       After choosing the movie, you will see its details including the descriptions and a download button next to the movie preview. Tap on it to get started.

How to Download NetFlix Movies to PC for Free

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t provided a feature yet for video download on PC before Windows 10. However, there’s still a practical solution you can try in order to save and watch both free and paid Netflix movies offline – to use an easy and free video recording program called Replay Video Capture 8.

Warning: To view movies on Netflix, you need to sign up with your Paypal account or credit and debit card first.

1.       Download, install and launch Replay Video Capture 8 on your PC.

2.       Go to, target the movie you want to record and start the streaming.

3.       Return to Replay Video Capture 8, click on “GET VIDEOS” and it will automatically detect the playback window. You can also resize the window by moving the cursor as well if not satisfied with the default one.


4.       Click on “Record” to start it and hit “Stop” when you want to finish it. After the record is finished, you can check the downloaded movie’s output folder by clicking on “View”, right click on the movie’s title in the opened panel and select “Open storage folder"

Now, go to watch Netflix offline PC.


Hint: If you want to transfer the downloaded Netflix movie from PC to iPhone, you can use this powerful iPhone transfer software to help you do it within only several steps.

How to Download movies from Netflix to iPhone and PC? This should be the first tutorial that offers both the ways for iPhone and PC movie download on Netflix and you can take matters into your own hand now!

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