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Home > Tips > [The Simplest Way] How to Directly Save GIF to iPhone Camera Roll

[The Simplest Way] How to Directly Save GIF to iPhone Camera Roll

The simplest and effortless way to save animated GIF to your iPhone Camera Roll directly. In this article, you will know how to save GIF to iPhone effortlessly as well as learn how to create your own GIF with IOTransfer GIF Maker.

Updated Dec 06,2018 | by Niko

Many people love to send GIF when they chat with their friends and acquaintances online. Compared to words, the animated GIF is funnier and help them express their feelings more powerful.

When you receive interesting GIF sent by your friends or when you find some funny GIFs online, you may wonder how to download and save them to your iPhone Camera Roll so that you can share them with your friends and family whenever and wherever you want.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can download and save GIFs from your friends' messages and any other social media platform like Tumblr, Twitter, Skype, etc. Let's check the details now:

3 Effortless Steps to Save GIF to iPhone Camera Roll

Basically, you can save any GIF that is emailed or messaged to you by your friends or family as well as any GIF that you find online. To save a GIF to your iPhone Camera Roll, only simple three steps needed.

Step 1: Find the GIF you want to save.

Step 2: Press and hold on the GIF until a menu appear.

Step 3: Tap "Save Image" in the menu and then the GIF file will be downloaded and saved to your iPhone camera roll.


Super easy, right? Now you can access this GIF from the Photos app. But for users who are using iOS 10 or earlier, you will see the GIF is motionless like a photo. This is because Photos app in iOS 10 and earlier system doesn't support playing GIF. But if you send the saved GIF to someone via Messages or Email, they will receive the animated one.

2 Steps to Wirelessly Save GIF from PC to iPhone via AirTrans

AirTrans (transfer without using an USB cable) is one of the most wanted features by many users, especially when they need to transfer files between PC and iPhone frequently. The good news is that IOTransfer 3 brought this feature to users.

IOTransfer is your ultimate iPhone/iPad manager and video download. It can manage and transfer Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts and other Data between iPhone, iPod, iPad and PC with just a simple click.

It can also download online videos from almost all popular online services like YouTube and convert them to any format you prefer like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3 and more. The most important is that, it can also help you wirelessly transfer your GIF collections from your PC to your iPhone.

Before I introduce the detailed steps, you have to install IOTransfer to your PC and AirTrans to your iPhone.

Please go to App Store and search for IOTransfer AirTrans to install it on your iPhone.

Now let's see how to wirelessly save GIF from your PC to your iPhone camera roll.

Step 1: Open IOTransfer > click AIR-TRANS tab > click Start Transfer.

IOTransfer will automatically search for the available iOS device on the same network as the PC. On IOTransfer search result page, please click the iPhone name to connect it to the PC. If failed, you can directly scan the QR code with IOTransfer AirTrans on your iPhone to complete the connection.


Step 2: Click the "Send to iPhone" button to select the GIF files you want to send to your iPhone. It will start the sending process immediately and it may take a while according to the quantity and size of the selected GIF files.

Note: Please make sure the iPhone screen is always on during the transfer process. Otherwise, the transfer will be interrupted.


PRO TIP: Create GIF with IOTransfer GIF Maker

As we said before, IOTransfer is not only an effective iPhone file transfer tool and a powerful video downloader and converter. It is also a versatile utility that provides useful tools like Instagram Downloader and GIF Maker.

To create your own GIF from videos, please follow steps below:

Step 1: Launch GIF Maker in Tools module of IOTransfer.

Step 2: Click Add Video to choose the video you want to create GIF from.

Step 3: Set the time duration, FPS, and scaling as per your needs, then click the Create GIF button.


If you want to make GIF with photos, please follow steps below:

Step 1: Visit the Free Online GIF Maker webpage.

Step 2: Click Add Photos to select the photos you want to create a GIF. And drag and drop the photo to make them in the order you want.

Step 3: Adjust the Image Duration and GIF Size as per your needs. Then click Create GIF. It will create the animation GIF and save it to your browser default download folder.


The bottom line

Now you should be familiar of how to directly save GIF to iPhone camera roll, which only takes 3 simple steps. Then we introduced a useful and powerful tool IOTransfer, which can not only help you wirelessly transfer all your GIF collections from your PC to your iPhone easily and quickly, but also help you make your own GIF from videos and pictures with just several simple clicks.

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