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Home > Tips > How to Dim iPhone Screen

How to Dim iPhone Screen

Using iPhone and other gadgets can result in eye strain. After a few hours, you will feel drowsy or experience a mild headache. This is why dimming iPhone screen is very essential. Below are a few simple and useful steps that are specially tailored for your unique as well as specific needs.

Updated Apr 14,2017 | by Shannon

Using iPhone and other gadgets can result in eye strain. After a few hours, you will feel drowsy or experience a mild headache. This is why dimming iPhone screen is very essential. That way, you will enjoy using your iPhone within a long span of time. From making an update in your social media accounts to downloading your favorite movies & applications, a bright iPhone screen or an eye strain will no longer be a dilemma. There will be no hassles on your part for sure.

So now, let’s take a look at how to dim your iPhone screen. Below are a few simple and useful steps that are specially tailored for your unique as well as specific needs.

l  Click the settings menu.

l  Go to the General option.

l  Tap the Accessibility option.

l  Go to the Zoom option.

l  Turn on the Zoom option. Just press the button to the right. Once it gets green, you successfully turn it on.

l  Tap your iPhone screen in a row using your three fingers. After that, tap the Choose Filter option.

l  Go to the Low Light option. 

low light settings.jpg

So, your iPhone screen is dim. You will be able to use your phone without issues such as an eye strain and migraine. Following the steps, you will have a less bright screen that can guarantee an enjoying as well as fulfilling experience.

Automatic Brightness

Aside from the aforementioned process, there are other things you can take advantage of. You may switch on your iPhone Auto-brightness to make its screen dim. In doing so, your phone will be able to identify and adjust the proper luminosity level of its display. With the use of ambient light sensor, everything will be set based on your expectations and requirements.

In order to activate the option, click Settings, go to Display & Brightness, a switch the Auto-brightness on. Whenever you feel that your iPhone brightness needs a few manual adjustment, you can change the automatic setting. Whatever the iPhone display brightness you are comfortable with, you can adjust it without a stressful and potential burden. 

auto brightness.jpg

Control Center

Another way to adjust iPhone display brightness is the settings bar in the Control Center. Just swipe your finger 3.pngup from the bottom of your phone. Within a second, the quick access menu will be able to glide into its screen. Simply move the brightness know in order to dim the screen. However, make sure that the Control Center is available in apps. To get started, visit Settings. 

Ask Siri

Aside from that, you can try using Siri to modify the brightness of your phone. You just need to call your virtual assistant and ask her assistance to lighten or dim your screen. In order to attain more holistic and successful results in real-time, Hey Siri Shortcut is the ideal solution that you cannot afford to miss. Don’t forget to input a responsive voice command like “Dim My Screen Please”. As a result, Siri will be able to decrease or increase luminosity level by a single scale unit. But, it depends on your command. If you want the screen to be as dim as possible, a minimum brightness is what you completely need.

Home Button Shortcut

When looking for the coolest way to control iPhone display brightness, home button shortcut is the one you should grab. Whether you are caught off guard or are in need of saving battery, you can apply an extra trick of dimming your screen at a level you prefer. Just use it in a proper manner so that you will be able to brighten or dim your screen.

Benefits of Dim iPhone Screen

Making your iPhone screen dim can avoid an eye strain. When you have been using your phone for long hours without rest, you will feel sleepy. But, adjusting iPhone display brightness is an awesome solution for you. That way, you can eliminate the potential effects of the problem.

If your phone loses its battery after a short span of time, the problem lies on a brighter screen. This is the reason why controlling iPhone display brightness is very indispensable. Just follow the above-mentioned steps to guide you all throughout the process. They are specially designed to satisfy all of your needs.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Screen Dimmer

For better and more wonderful results, there are available screen dimmer apps that you should consider. They will help you control iPhone display brightness well. They will never cause a cumbersome experience on your part. Nevertheless, before making a decision, there are factors to take into account as follows.

l  Select a Screen Dimmer from a Reputable Service Provider – In order to have the peace of mind, choose the one from a trustworthy provider or developer. In doing so, you will feel ensured that your option has spectacular quality. It might also have built-in features that can go beyond your expectations. It is very effective, which can guarantee hassle-free and functional performance as well.

l  Available at a Fairer Cost – Because of a high demand from a broad range of customers, screen dimmers are available at a more expensive price. However, worry no more as there are cost-effective options for you. You just have to be patient to make a good decision at the end of the day. By that, you will be prepared on how to handle such daunting and overwhelming process.

Even though you have an affordable choice, you will still have an assurance that quality is not compromised. You will also acquire a big saving in return. When you have been spending a high expenditure, making a cost-effective screen dimmers as your number one option is a great decision.

To sum it up, a bright screen is easier and simple to address than it seems. The given steps on how to dim iPhone screen could be a great help on your part. Within a short run, you will be able to adjust iPhone display brightness. You should also try a screen dimmer for more amazing results. But, opt the one with a range of features to avoid complex problems in the near future.

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