How to Delete Photos from iPhone – Delete One, Multiple or All Photos from iPhone

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People like taking photos using their iPhone, while photo is one of the main parts occupying your iPhone storage. Transfer photos from iPhone to PC/Mac for backup, and delete photos from iPhone can effectively help you survive on an iPhone with limited space & storage. In the following, we are going to discuss how to delete photos from iPhone, including delete one photo from iPhone, delete multiple photos from iPhone and delete all photos from iPhone.

How to Delete Photos from iPhone – Delete One Photo from iPhone

It’s quite easy if you just want to delete one single photo from iPhone, follow the step: go to Photos app > open the photo you want to delete > tap the trash icon in the lower right corner > Delete Photo.

How to Delete Photos from iPhone – Delete Multiple Photos from iPhone

To delete multiple photos from iPhone, go to Photos app > tap Select in the top right corner of the screen > tap each photos you want to remove from your iPhone (there will be blue tick icon) > tap the trash icon in the lower right corner > Delete Photos. Here it is, multiple photos you selected are deleted from your iPhone.


How to Delete Photos from iPhone – Delete All Photos from iPhone

Apple does not allow you to delete all photos in Camera Roll from iPhone at one time. If you clear Camera Roll album, you have to follow “Delete Multiple Photos from iPhone” steps and choose all photos manually, and delete them from your iPhone.

Note: in addition to delete photos from iPhone, you can also use these methods to delete photos from iPad and iPod.

Actually, all the photos go into Recently Deleted album when you delete them, and iPhone will keep them for 30 days. You can go to Recently Delete album and delete photos manually and permanently, or let them be deleted automatically after 30 days. This is quite good if you delete photos from iPhone accidentally, because you can easily get them back.

How to get recently deleted photos back? Go to Photos app > Recently Deleted album > select photos > Recover. In this way, the photos will be recovered back into your All Photos album, of course, only if they are deleted within 30 days. Or check this out: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6Plus/6s and iPhone 7.

Finally, we recommend a great tool to you that can help you delete all photos from iPhone directly with few simple clicks. Try IOTransfer, the best iOS file transfer and management software available in both Windows and Mac OS. Here’s how to delete all photos from iPhone using IOTransfer.

·         Connect your iPhone to PC/Mac via USB cable

·         Open IOTransfer, and wait until your iPhone is recognized by IOTransfer

·         Go to Photos tab > Camera Roll or other photo albums > select all > Remove


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