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Home > Tips > How to Delete Built-in Apps on iPhone

How to Delete Built-in Apps on iPhone

Since the release of iOS 10, iPhone has allowed its users to delete built-in Apps. In this tutorial, I will introduce how to delete built-in Apps on iPhone and explain what will happen after deleting the Apps.

Updated Dec 26,2018 | by Micky

After the update of iOS 10, iPhone users are able to delete built-in Apps that they never or seldom use, such as Stock, Podcast, and Calculation in order to save more storage.

In the following contents, I will introduce how to delete built-in Apps on iPhone, how to reinstall them, and also introduce what will happen after deleting these inbuilt Apps. 


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Part 1 How to Delete Built-in Apps on iPhone

If you’ve already updated your iPhone to iOS 10, 11, or 12, you can delete built-in Apps.

Firstly, go to the home screen of your iPhone. Then, select an inbuilt Apps and long press it until you see it jiggles and the “x” comes out on its icon. Tap on “x” and you will receive a notification which warns that any local data on the App will be removed. Confirm it to delete the App from your device.

Part 2 How to Reinstall the Built-in Apps You’ve Deleted

Sometimes, you may’ve deleted a built-in App by mistake and want to figure out a way to retrieve it.

It’s simple. Just go to App Store, type the name of the App you want in the search box. After the App is displayed, tap on the cloud icon to download it to your device.


Part 3 What Will Happen If You Delete Built-in Apps on iPhone

Deleing built-in Apps from your iPhone can sometimes result in unwanted consequences:

1.       If you have an Apple watch which has been paired with your iPhone, delete a built-in App will also delete the App from the home screen of the Apple watch.

2.       If you delete Podcasts from your iPhone, it won’t be available any more on your CarPlay.

3.       If you delete Calculation, it won’t be displayed in Control Center either.

4.       If you delete Stocks or Weather, they won’t be shown else where. For example, you won’t see any weather related information in Notification Centre on your iPhone or Comlications or Glances on your Apple Watch.


Part 4 How to Delete Apps in Bulk from Your iPhone

In the previous part, we’ve discussed how to delete iPhone built-in Apps. Now, I will introduce a brand-new tool which can help you delete several Apps once together from any of your iDevices.

IOTransfer – a versatile iPhone transfer program – helps you transfer data across iDevices and PC with ease. Meanwhile, with this powerful software, you can delete any Apps in bulk from your iPhone or iPad just with one click.

What’s more, video download, video conversion, GIF making, and iPhone cleaning are also supported. There are more available features waiting to be discovered by you!

Free download it to delete any Apps from your iPhone with ease!

Delete Apps from Your iPhone in 2 Steps

Step 1 Connect Your iPhone to PC

Launch and install IOTransfer on your computer, connect your iPhone to it and wait until the device gets recognized. If you see the notification “Trust This Computer” pop up, tap on “Trust” to confirm it and proceed.


Step 2 Select the Apps You Want to Delete

Click on “MANAGE” in the top toolbar. In the opened window, select “Apps” on the left. Then, choose the Apps you want to delete by ticking them off. Click on “Delete” to completely remove them from your device.


Bottom Line

How to delete built-in Apps on iPhone? The article has provided you with the easiest method and another way to delete Apps in bulk. Hopefully, you can do it on your own now.

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