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Home > Tips > AVI to GIF Converter: How to Convert AVI to GIF

AVI to GIF Converter: How to Convert AVI to GIF

Are you looking for the way to convert AVI to GIF? Here we recommend you a perfect AVI to GIF maker on PC and a free online converter. Read on to learn how to convert AVI to GIF easily.

Updated Nov 02,2018 | by Bennie

The GIF files are getting more and more popular as it is the best way to express emotions on the internet today. AVI is known as Audio Video Interleaved which is widely used in CD to save large movies or videos. Have you ever thought about converting AVI video to GIF? It is not difficult to do this because there are a lot of available tools. You can use AVI to GIF maker on PC or convert it online. In this article, we will introduce how to convert AVI to GIF easily by GIF maker on PC and online converter.

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Part 1. Easily Convert AVI to GIF by GIF Maker on PC - IOTransfer

There are a lot of AVI to GIF maker on PCconverters but most of them are not user-friendly. Here we recommend the perfect AVI to GIF maker - IOTransfer. IOTransfer is a video to GIF maker which can convert AVI to GIF easily. Besides, it also provides free online GIF maker with photos & images. Here we will tell you how to convert AVI to GIF by using IOTransfer.

Step 1: Download IOTransfer to PC. It works in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and fully compatible with iOS 12.

Step 2: Launch IOTransfer and click Tools, then click Launch button on GIF maker on the right.

 how to convert AVI to GIF.png

Step 3: Select the AVI video you want to convert from PC by clicking ADD Video.

If you want to convert images to GIF, click free online GIF maker or click the blue words below ADD Video.


Step 4:  Adjust the time duration or other settings, then click Create GIF.

Adjust the time duration by dragging the Star and End time bar; Select the FPS from the FPS drop down box, you can select 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; Set the Scaling from 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%. You also can set the Output Path by clicking the Edit icon below Create GIF.


Step 5: The conversion will be completed in short time. The processing time depends on the size of AVI video and the settings in Step 4.


Step 6: View the GIF after the conversion is completed. 

Tips: You can directly view the GIF by clicking the Play icon if the GIF size is less than 10MB. If the file size is over 10 MB, there will be a pop-up window to remind you play it in browser.


Step 7: If you are not satisfied with the GIF, click Back to reset the time duration or other settings.


Step 8: Click Open GIF Location to view the location. 

Tips: If you want to transfer the GIF to your iPhone, you can transfer it by clicking AirTrans which is a feature of IOTranser. Read Part 3 below to learn the details about how to transfer it with AirTrans.


Part 2: Free Convert AVI to GIF by Online Converter - Ezgif

There are also many AVI to GIF online converters, here we recommend Ezgif. It is free and easy to use. Read on to learn how to convert AVI to GIF online.

Step 1: Open Ezgif and choose Video to GIF and Upload the video.

It is convenient to upload the AVI video in two ways: Select the existing video file from your computer or paste the video url in the box.


Step 2: Customize the start and end time, size, Frame rate or other settings.

There are some impressive editing tools to get outstanding outputs such as optimizing the static background of the GIF.


Step 3: Save and download the GIF to PC by Clicking Save.

It takes a few minutes to complete the conversion. The converted GIF is showed on the bottom left corner.


Part 3: How to Transfer Converted GIF to iPhone by AirTrans

After converting AVI to GIF, do you want to transfer the GIF file to iPhone to share with your friends? As we have mentioned in Step 8 at Part 1, you can transfer it by wireless AirTrans. Follow these steps and transfer the converted GIF to iPhone easily.

Before the transfer, make sure you have installed IOTransfer on your PC and your iPhone is connected with Wi-Fi.


Step 1: Download and install AirTrans. 

You can find it in APP Store. It works perfectly with iPhone 7/8/8 Plus/X and iPhone XS.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with PC and click Start Transfer.

Click AIR-TRANS on IOTransfer, then click Start Transfer.  It will search for available devices or you can scan the QR code with AirTrans on your iPhone to connect.


Step 3: Click Send to iPhone and choose the converted GIF.


Step 4: The GIF will be transferred fast to iPhone. You can view it in on your iPhone-Photos-Albums-Animated now.


Bottom Line

In summary, both IOTransfer and Ezgif can make animated GIF from AVI files so easily. IOTranser involves few steps to convert AVI to GIF with user-friendly interface while Ezgif online converter come with some boring advertisement. What is more, IOTransfer is an iPhone transfer software with full-featured. You can transfer the converted GIF to your IOS devices conveniently.

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