How to Clear/Delete App cache on iPhone to Free up More Space

by Niko |Jan 10,2017..

How to clear app cache on iPhone? To figure this out, we are going to discuss the methods that will help effectively and rapidly clear app cache on iPhone in the following article. Before clearing App cache on your iPhone, let’s figure out what is App cache first. 

What is App cache?

App cache could be scripts, browsing history files, images and other media files that automatically generated by apps. Normally, app cache data is stored on your iPhone in a reserved space, so the next time when you are visiting the app, information is already available.

However, along with the increasing of installed apps and more frequently app use, the cache items & data quickly eat up iPhone storage space. Meanwhile, your iPhone is getting slower and slower. Compared to the running speed, the “Storage Almost Full” issue of iPhone will become more obvious, especially for those who are still using 16GB iPhone.

Regularly delete junk files and clear iPhone app cache cannot only boost running speed of your iPhone, but also free up more space. If you are still not sure how to delete and clear app cache on iPhone for more available space, then check out this article.

How to Clear/Delete App Cache on iPhone

You should check the storage usage situation first before deleting App cache on your iPhone. To check which apps take most of the storage in your iPhone (iPad and iPod touch as well):

Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Storage, and you will see the used and available storage on iPhone. You can also open “Manage Storage” to check the storage of each app’s use.


It would be quite convenient since some apps allow you to clear cache in their setting menus. For example, you can clear out the Safari cache:

Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data


For other apps, you can open the setting menu separately and see whether they support clear cache operation inside the apps. For example, 


However, many apps will not offer access to clear cache inside the apps. In this situation, the most direct way to clear app cache is to delete and then reinstall the app. There are multiple ways to delete apps from iPhone. Generally, you are able to delete apps directly on iPhone or take advantages of IOTransfer and delete apps 100% safely.

·         delete apps on iPhone


·         delete apps via IOTransfer


IOTransfer Phone Cleaner

Now, IOTransfer can work as a powerful phone cleaner, offering a quick but complete checkup for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And with just 1 simple click, the phone cleaner will clean up cookies, app caches, crash logs, junk files and other temporary files from you iOS devices to free up more space. Even better, you’ll get faster and better experience with your iPhone. 

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