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How to back up iPhone Wirelessly

There are many ways to back up your iPhone. And this article introduces you the easy and fast way to back up your iPhone wirelessly.

Updated Aug 10,2018 | by Cody

You may have learned several ways to back up your iPhone. You can use iCloud to back up your photos, files, note etc. But there is a free storage limitation of 5GB and you need to pay for extra storage. Also, iTunes can help back up music, videos, and TV shows. But you cannot back up your photos in this way.

Is there any way to achieve easy backup? Yes, you can back up file wirelessly between Bluetooth-enabled computer and iPhone via Bluetooth connection. But if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth feature, what should you do? Don’t worry. We will introduce you an easy way to back up iPhone wirelessly today.

IOTransfer is an iOS content management and transfer tool. Now its iOS app AirTrans has been released in Apple Store to enable wireless backup feature beside backup via a USB cable. You can back up your iPhone stuff to your Windows computer freely if they are connected to the same WiFi. Now check the detailed steps below to start to back up your iPhone content freely and easily.

How to back up iPhone Wirelessly with IOTransfer 3?

Step 1: If you have not installed IOTransfer on your computer, download IOTransfer and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Open Apple Store on your iPhone. Search for IOTransfer AirTrans and install it on your iPhone.


Step 3: Launch IOTransfer on your computer and follow the steps below to connect your computer and iPhone wirelessly.

 1. Click Start Transfer under the AIR-TRANS tab and IOTransfer will search for the device in same network. 


2. Tap Send to PC button in your AirTrans app. Your iPhone will be visible and can be detected by IOTransfer quickly.

3. Click the detected device to request for connection.


4. Accept the connection request appearing on your iPhone by tapping Allow in the popup. You will find your iPhone and computer are connected successfully.


You can also connect your computer and iPhone with a very awesome way. Check the screenshot above and you will find a QR code after clicking Start Transfer in IOTransfer. Take out your iPhone and open AirTrans. Tap Send to PC and then choose Scan QR when it is in connecting status. Use the app to scan the QR code and your iPhone will be detected. That is really fantastic.

Step 4: Now you can start to back up your iPhone content to your computer. You are allowed to select whole album/folders or pictures/songs/videos/files you want o back up, then tap Send to PC to transfer them to your computer. This is very fast and takes no time. Later you will find the transfer records both in the IOTransfer and AirTrans app.

Clicking Open will jump to file location to view the backup files.

transfer-files-in air.jpg 

IOTransfer’s wireless transfer supports to back up photos, music, videos, and files to your computer. The transfer is bidirectional. You can also move files from computer to your iPhone. You can click Send to iPhone button to send files on computer to iPhone.

After the files have been sent to your iPhone, a folder named AirTrans will appear in the interface of the AirTrans app. So it is quite convenient to recover your backup files to your iPhone if they are deleted by accident.

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