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Home > Tips > [Detailed Guide] How to AirDrop Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

[Detailed Guide] How to AirDrop Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

This is a detailed guide about how to AirDrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone. If you are looking for the guide, read on to learn AirDrop contacts between two iPhones easily.

Updated Dec 29,2018 | by Lane

AirDrop is a built-in feature on iOS device to wireless transfer files between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.  Can you airdrop contacts? The answer is definitely yes. It is a fast and safe way to transfer contacts using AirDrop because the contacts data is encrypted during the transmission. As long as two iPhones connect together through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can easily share contacts from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop. Follow the below details to learn how to AirDrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone easily.

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How to AirDrop Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Easily

Before AirDrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone, you need to make sure that there is nothing wrong with WiFi and Bluetooth on both iPhone. If there is a WiFi not working error or Bluetooth problem on iPhone, please fix them first.


AirDrop contacts is the best way to transfer one contact from iPhone to iPhone. But if you want to transfer multiple or all contacts, please move to the next Part directly.

Step 1: Make the two iPhones connected in the same network, so you should turn on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on both iPhone by toggling the switch in the Settings.

airdrop contacts

Step 2: After turning on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, tap on the AirDrop icon in Settings> General>AirDrop> Everyone.

airdrop contacts 

Step 3: Tap Contacts App to enter the contact pane, you can swipe up and down to browse and look up, then tap on the contact that you want to transfer to the other iPhone.

Step 4: Tap “Share Contact” and it will display many sharing options.

airdrop contacts 

Step 5: Choose AirDrop from the options and then you can see all other iPhone as receivers connected with the sender one. 

airdrop contacts 


If there are more than two iPhones, you cannot transfer the contacts to all the iPhone at the same time. You can select one at a time and repeat the selection.

Step 6: A pop-up message will appear on the target iPhone. Click Accept to confirm the transfer.

airdrop contacts 

Step 7: The contact will be transferred to the other iPhone in 1 second. Click Save to save the contact. 

airdrop contacts 


Before tapping Save in the last step, two options to receive the contact will be given to you:

Create New Contact: This option will permit you to edit the contact info before saving it on your device.

Add to Existing Contact: By selecting this option, you will be able to combine the contact into an existing contact.

Step 8: You can go to the Contacts App on the target iPhone to check if the contact is transferred successfully.

Bonus Tip:  Transfer All Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with 1-Click

It is easy and fast to transfer contacts using AirDrop, but you can only transfer one contact at a time and it isn’t possible to transfer multiple iPhone contacts with AirDrop at the same time. So if you want to transfer all contacts between two iPhones, try to use this iPhone transfer software – IOTransfer. IOTransfer is definitely a powerful helper to transfer all contacts from iPhone to iPhone with 1-click. Now let’s show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone with IOTransfer.

Step 1: Free download IOTransfer and install it to your PC. It works in Windows 7 or later and compatible with iOS 12.

Step 2: Launch IOTransfer and connect one of your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

Step 3: At the homepage of IOTransfer, click Contacts, then click Transfer to PC. All the iPhone contacts will be transferred to PC in few minutes. 


You can select the location of the contacts on PC by clicking Transfer Location.

Step 4:  Disconnect one iPhone and connect the other iPhone to PC. 

Step 5: Within IOTransfer, click MANAGE and select Contacts from the left panel. Then click Import.

airdrop contacts 

Step 6: Choose the transferred contacts file from the transfer location on your PC. Then the contacts will be transferred to iPhone soon. Click Done to complete the transfer. 

airdrop contacts 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, AirDrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone is easy and convenient. And if you want to transfer all/multiple contacts from iPhone to iPhone, IOTransfer is the best tool. Besides, IOTransfer can not only transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, but also transfer photos, videos, music and much more files between iPhone and iPhone.

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