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Home > Tips > How to Add New Contacts to iPhone in Bulk

How to Add New Contacts to iPhone in Bulk

A useful method to add new contacts to iPhone in bulk is introduced in this article. Follow the tutorial step by step and you will learn how to add new contacts to iPhone in bulk.

Updated Mar 20,2018 | by Admin

Adding a new contact to iPhone can be easily done with simple finger taps. Open Contacts > tap “+” > add a name > tap “add phone” > type in phone numbers > tap “Done”. It is definitely the most direct way to add one contact on iPhone. But it becomes troublesome and time-consuming when adding dozens or hundreds of contacts at one time. Is there any efficient way that can save time and lighten workload? Of course yes. Now I’m going to illustrate how to add new contacts to iPhone in bulk by using IOTransfer.  

Part 1: Add New Contacts to iPhone in Bulk by Using IOTransfer

Adding contacts is a new feature released in IOTransfer 2.1 version. Let me show you how to add new contacts on your computer step by step.  

Step 1 Install, launch IOTransfer iPhone manager, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until the device gets recognized.

Step 2 In the “Manage” section, go to the Contacts page. On the top of the page are the features buttons. You’re able to select all the contacts and add new contacts, or you can export contacts for backup, import contacts for restore and delete contacts in bulk. Here we click the second button “+New”.


Step 3 Type in the first name and phone numbers in the box. Other information like Company, Email and Notes can also be added at any time. Click “save”, and the new contact is right in your iPhone.



Step 4 Do the previous steps again to add the second, the 10th and the 100th new contact.

All the steps above are finished on the computer within few minutes. You no longer spend much time on typing in numbers and names with your iPhone. However, if you would rather add new contacts one by one on iPhone than use any third-party software, follow the steps below.

Part 2: Add New Contacts to iPhone One by One

Step 1 Press Contacts button on iPhone desktop.

Step 2 Hit the “+” button. It's in the top-right corner of the screen.


Step 3 Enter the new contact's information in custom fields.

Step 4 Insert contact information, like first name, last name, company, Email, phone numbers into the contacts field. You can also add a photo to the contact. The photo will show on the screen when it is calling.

Step 5 Besides the basic fields that system offers, you are allowed to add some personalized fields as you like.


Step 6 Tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen. Now you have saved the information to your iPhone’s Contacts.

In daily life, we will inevitably encounter the situation that we have to add a list of contacts to iPhone because of the work need or other reasons. It may be the dullest thing for us. Nobody wants to spend precious minutes or hours on just typing the strange numbers and names on iPhone. Luckily, this problem can be perfectly solved by IOTransfer . By following the steps in part 1, I’m sure you are familiar with how to add new contacts to iPhone in bulk.


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