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Home > Tips > How to Add Music to iPhone Wirelessly

How to Add Music to iPhone Wirelessly

Intend to add the music that is not purchased from iTunes to your iPhone so you can enjoy them whenever you want? This article introduces 2 smart ways to add music to iPhone wirelessly with or without iTunes.

Updated Jul 06,2018 | by Cody

Music is the best entertainment when you are waiting in line. It is necessary for you to have some music on your iPhone. As we all know, an Apple ID will help you sync all the purchased music to iDevice automatically. But how can you add the music that is not purchased from iTunes? In this article, you will get 2 ways to add music to iPhone wirelessly with or without iTunes.

Add Music to iPhone Wirelessly with iTunes

For most people, iTunes is unnecessarily complicated, but most iOS owners believe they have to use it in order to sync music, apps, photos, and videos from their Apple device. Apple tried to simplify the procedure by adding Wi-Fi sync feature. It turned out that not all Apple users know about iTunes WiFi feature as it is disabled by default. Here is the guide on how to sync iPhone over Wi-Fi using iTunes:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and computer with a USB cable.

This is only used for changing the iTunes settings. You just need to do it once.

Step 2: Tap on the iPhone icon in iTunes > go to Summary tab and tick the 'Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi' and 'Manually manage music and videos' options, and click the Apply button.


And now, you can disconnect the USB cable, the iPhone and computer will still be connected.

Step 3: Click the Music tab on the sidebar menu.

Step 4: Drag and drop the music files into the iTunes window.


Step 5: You can play the music on your iPhone now.

Although this is the official way of adding music to your iPhone, many users complain that when they unplug their phones from the computer, the iPhone icon disappears and they cannot add music.

Add Music to iPhone Wirelessly without iTunes using IOTransfer

IOTransfer adopts the WiFi Direct technology in the new version to allow you to quickly and wirelessly sync music, photos, videos, and other files between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC on the same local network without using a USB cable nor iTunes.

Step 1: Free download IOTransfer, and install this program on your computer.

Step 2: Please go to App Store and search for IOTransfer AirTrans to install Air-Trans - IOTransfer via WiFi on your iPhone.


Step 3: Open IOTransfer on your PC > go to AIR-TRANS tab > click the Start Transfer button. IOTransfer will automatically search for the available iOS devices which are on the same network with your PC.



If it takes too long, you can open the Air-Trans app, tap the computer icon at the top left and then tap Scan QR to scan the QR code on the IOTransfer window.


Step 4: Click on the iPhone which you want to use AirTrans feature among the found available iDevices. And tap Allow in the prompt windows on your iOS device to grant the connection.



Step 5: Once connected, you can click the Send to iPhone button to open the File Explorer and find the music location and begin to add music to your iPhone.


Please make sure that the IOTransfer and iPhone are connected to the same local area network or the same WiFi network when using Air-Trans.

If you see the exclamation mark beside a file, it means you fail to transfer it. You can click Retry to continue the process.


At the same time, you will see the red dot at top right of your Air-Trans app too. You can also tap the icon and then find the failed file and click to retry the transfer process.



Watch the video below to learn more details about how to transfer files between PC and iPhone wirelessly with IOTransfer.

So, now you know two of the easiest ways to add music to your iPhone. Choose the one that works the best for you.

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