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Home > Tips > iPhone Speaker Not Working, How to Solve this Issue?

iPhone Speaker Not Working, How to Solve this Issue?

​You must have realized that the high-quality inbuilt speaker is one of the greatest features of iPhone. A software glitch or hardware issues can cause speaker failure, and the following tips can solve the issue if your iPhone speaker is not working properly.

Updated Jun 29,2016 | by Niko


You must have realized that the high-quality inbuilt speaker is one of the greatest features of iPhone. Because, if iPhone speaker not working, you can’t listen to music, enjoy videos/movies, get notification sound alerts when you receive emails, messages or when you simply make calls with speaker mode on. Normally, iPhone speaker not working issue may be caused by a software glitch or hardware issues or both.

In fact, speaker is one of the most fragile components on your iPhone. If this thin piece of material is damaged, your iPhone will not only stop working, but also start making static noises. But if it’s due to software malfunction, things would be so much easier that you can fix it. The following tips can help you solve iPhone speaker not working issue properly.

Check Out Your Ring/Silent Switch Setting

With iPhone Ring/Silent switch, you can easily and quickly set your iPhone to Ring or Silent mode. If you find that you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, so maybe it’s because the switch is not set properly. You need to make sure it is set to Ring mode (if you see orange, it’s set to silent).

If your Ring/Silent switch is stuck and does not work, here is a little trick. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > turn on AssistiveTouch > tap the circle > choose Device > choose Mute or Unmute.


After flipping the Ring/Silent switch and setting your iPhone to the Ring mode, you also need to ensure the volume is all the way up. Since the button does not work from the Lock screen, you have to unlock your iPhone and hold the volume up button until the volume gets full. Check out your Ring/Silent switch setting, and see if iPhone speaker not working issue is caused by this factor. 

Check Out Headphone and Bluetooth Mode

Sometimes, a small piece of debris gets inside headphone jack and will make iPhone think headphones are plugged in while actually they are not. When your iPhone speaker not working, you can try to insert your headphones, maybe repeat several times, and check if you can hear sound or not.

You may not realize that your iPhone is playing sound through other devices like Bluetooth speakers or Apple TV in your car or house. For example, you use a Bluetooth headset in your car, and your iPhone system may be stuck and the speaker stops working when you go into your house and Bluetooth headset loses connection. So, if your iPhone speaker not working, checkout those outboard devices and ensure the sound is not playing somewhere else.

Clean It

Dust, dirt or small amount of liquid would cause iPhone speaker not working malfunction. So we suggest you clean speaker, microphone mesh and headphone jack by using brush, soft cloth or hair dryer. It seems quite funny, but many iPhone users feedback that this is the most effective and direct ways to resolve the iPhone speaker not working issue.

Restart, Reset or Restore Your iPhone

force-restart-iphoneRestart we mention here usually means force restart your iPhone. Hold both Home and Power buttons for at least 10 seconds, and your iPhone will restart and work as normal.

If the force restart can help you out, then try to reset your iPhone which can be done on iPhone directly. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Resetting your iPhone is helpful to fix iPhone speaker not working problem.

The last method that you can try to solve iPhone speaker not working issue is to restore your iPhone device. Since restore will wipe everything out from you iPhone, you need to backup all your important data using tools like IOTransfer in advance. Now, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore it.

Note: all these tips work for iPad and iPod touch models as well.

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