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Home > Tips > How to Fix iPhone Self Shut down Issue in Extremely Cold Weather

How to Fix iPhone Self Shut down Issue in Extremely Cold Weather

This is an odd but disturbing issue that has been reported by few users on Twitter and Reddit. Let's see how to fix iPhone self shut down issue in extremely cold weather

Updated Jul 01,2016 | by Mike

Case: iPhone battery drains fast at cold temperature, even it shut down itself leaving you frustrated.

Note: According to Apple Support- Optical temperature to use iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is between   0º and 35º C (32º to 95º), and store the device where the temperature is between -20º and 45º C (-4º to 113º F). They also suggest that cold temperature may shorten your phone’s battery life and it is normal this issue may persist on cold temperatures.

That being said, all we can do is to take protective measures and to keep phone safe. This includes:

1.       Turn off your iPhone in the extreme cold conditions

This doesn’t sound practical if you need your device to be up and running 24/7. But, this is a protective measure you can take to keep iPhone’s battery safe. You may turn off the device while you are hiking a mountain covered with snow or when you enjoying a vacation in a city with extremely cold in weather. Also keep in mind that you should not turn on iPhone in a hurry when you are back to a warmer environment. Take some time and give the device some time to adapt room temperature.

2.       Keep your phone warm

In case you are reluctant to turn-off phone, just make sure you keep phone warm. If you wear warm clothing, jacket or coat, put your iPhone inside the pocket. This will keep your iPhone in an optimal temperature. You may use headphone and active Siri while you are at a cold environment so that you don’t need to rely on touch screen all the time.

3.       Use a thermal protection case


We agree that the tips mentioned above aren’t quite practical sometimes. So, if you always prefer to use your iPhone on-the-go at any kind of environment, its better to buy a high-tech thermal protection phone case that can keep your device warm at any conditions. Look for the best quality product available online and buy one that suits your need.

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