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Home > Tips > How to Fix iOS 12 Copy and Paste Issue on iPhone

How to Fix iOS 12 Copy and Paste Issue on iPhone

If you are facing copy and paste issue on your iPhone or iPad after iOS 12 update, don’t miss this article, in which we’ll help you figure out how to fix iOS 12 copy and paste issue on iPhone.

Updated Nov 19,2018 | by Niko

Some users have been facing copy and paste not working issue after the update to iOS 12, according to the feedback on Apple Community. It said, “the copy isn’t working when copying text or images from one app to another, or the Paste command is missing.” It only works after several attempts.

ios 12 copy and paste issue

139 users indicate that they have the same question. Check the following replies, we can find comments like these “same here…”; “even after updating to 12.0.1 this copy and paste problem STILL REMAINS!!!!” and so on.

In fact, iPhone copy and paste not working issue is not firstly reported in iOS 12 update. Some iPhone users pointed out this problem as early as in iOS 9. It seems to be a bug of iOS, and happens on some certain websites, applications, or iOS models.

If you happen to have copy and paste issue after iOS 12 update, check the following tips which can possibly help you fix iOS 12 copy and paste issue on iPhone.

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Method 1: Restore iOS 12 or Downgrade to iOS 11

If iPhone copy and paste not working issue happens after iOS 12 update, then it must be something wrong with the iOS update. You can have 2 options:

·         Reinstall iOS 12 on your iPhone or other iOS devices that have copy and paste not working issue

·         Restore to iOS 11 with iTunes backup, if you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes


Before reinstall iOS 12 on iPhone, we suggest you to use IOTransfer, reliable iPhone manager, to transfer all your important data from iPhone to PC and save it as backup. Besides, if iOS 12 won't install properly on iPhone, you can use these 5 methods to fix.

If the copy and paste not issue cannot be fixed after you restore iOS 12 or downgrade to iOS 12, then you have to wait Apple to get this bug fixed in the next iOS update.

Method 2: Alternative to iOS 12 Restore

You may loss important content and data if you restore your iPhone. To fix iOS 12 copy and paste not working issue on iPhone, you can try these steps:

·         Open the text that you are going to copy, bring up the Edit menu, and tap on “Copy”

·         Bring up the Edit menu and tap on “Copy” again

Basically, copy items twice will get the content onto the pasteboard.

If you want to copy links or images for sharing, we would recommend you to use the Share sheet, instead of using copy and paste. For example,

·         Open a link in Safari, and tap the Share button

·         Share it via Message, Mail, Facebook or etc.

share link on iphone

For anyone who has a better feasible way to fix iOS 12 copy and paste issue on iPhone, please share it here.

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