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Home > Tips > Common iPhone 6 Problems and How to Fix Them (Part I)

Common iPhone 6 Problems and How to Fix Them (Part I)

iPhone 6 problems that are commonly reported and easy fixes to overcome them.

Updated Jun 06,2016 | by Mike

Do you own an iPhone 6 or its newer models? Even though most people are satisfied with their purchases, some are quite disappointed about common iPhone problems like software bugs and hardware incompatibility issues.

We won’t be discussing the iPhone bent problem here- Let’s see the other iPhone 6 problems that are commonly reported and easy fixes to overcome them.

Problem #1 - iPhone 6 won’t charge

This is a quite common error we’ve heard others complain about. Yes, we understand it’s annoying when you plug your phone and figure out it isn’t charging at all!


-          Make sure that you are using the genuine Apple charger that comes with your iPhone6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Don’t take the risk by using a charger that isn’t certified by Apple.

-          Try using a different wall socket, cable, and charger.

-          Check whether the port on your phone is dust-free. Also make sure the connector end of the cable is free of dust as well. If it contains dust particles, use a dust cloth or a cotton swab to clean them. Otherwise, blast a little amount of compressed air to blow the dust away.

Also note that you should never keep your connector in a wet surface, both port and connector end of your cable should not be wet. In case you plug in a cable with wet port/connector end. You may end up damaging the port of your iPhone. In the occurrence of corrosion at the port, it is suggested to take your iPhone to an Apple store nearby.

Problem #2:  Bluetooth Not Working Glitch

This is another common glitch many users experience. A lot of new iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus users have experienced this glitch while trying to connect iPhone with phone with devices like sound/audio system in cars.

 It doesn’t matter what model of car or audio device/speaker you are trying to connect with. We understand it’s a headache when you can’t use the phone while on the go.


-          First thing you have to do is, delete all Bluetooth pairing saved in your car / external device. After that, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings on your iPhone. Put your device through a hard reboot cycle by pressing and holding down the Home and Power button together for a period of approximately six to seven seconds.  Wait for the device to shut down and then automatically power back on. Let go off the buttons when you see the Apple logo and wait for the device to finish booting. Now, try setting up the connection from scratch.

-          If that doesn’t help, factory reset your device and try again.

Problem #3: Random Crashing and Boot Loop Bug

This is the most chaotic problem of all. Imagine when you are in an important and suddenly your phone crashes with no apparent reason. And when you try to switch on the device, it is stuck in a boot loop state where it repeatedly turns itself off and on again.


-          There’s a chance that the main villain causing this problem is an application on your iPhone.  We recommend you to factory reset the phone and install apps selectively. But still, this is only applicable if the problem is caused by the app.

-          Hopefully, wait for the next iOS update. Sometimes, devs will roll-out an update to fix these kind of issues that are reported by many. So, check for iOS update by going to Settings > General > Software Update and tap Download and Install when you see a new update.

-          If the last two solutions don’t help you, it might be a genuine hardware problem that has to be addressed to the Apple Store nearby.  Take your device into an Apple Store and ask for a possible solution/device replacement.

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