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Home > Tips > 3 Ways to Extract Audio from Videos on Your iPhone

3 Ways to Extract Audio from Videos on Your iPhone

You want to extract audio from video on iPhone itself without a PC or Mac. I get you. Here are 3 methods to convert videos on cloud drive, TV app, or Camera Roll.

by Cody |Jul 20,2018..

Do you ever want to extract audio from video on iPhone? In this article, I will show you 3 ways to convert video to audio on your iPhone. You can convert videos from the TV app, videos saved in iCloud or Camera roll.

When you use your iPhone camera to records some music videos, you probably also want an audio version so you can burn it to a CD. If you purchased a music video from iTunes store, you can also get an audio version of it using the methods below.

Extract Audio from Video Using Siri Shortcuts

You probably know many web-based or computer-based video converter that can extract audio from video. If you want to do that only by using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you should try this method.

All you need is an iOS app Shortcuts acquired by Apple as an updated version for Workflow. Shortcuts is a great tool to boost your productivity, which is why Apple bought it.  

Step 1. Free download and install Shortcuts app from AppStore on your iOS device.


If you have not updated to iOS 12, then the Workflow app will still work the same.

Step 2. Get this Convert to MP3 shortcut .

Step 3. Tap the Play button to run this shortcut.


Step 3. Choose to convert videos in Camera Roll or iCloud. If you choose to convert videos in iCloud, you will need to select the video from Files app. If you choose Camera Roll, this workflow will automatically convert the latest video.

Step 4. It will take some time to complete. After that, select a location to save the audio file.

The default audio format is MP3. If needed, you can edit this shortcut to change the audio format to M4A or AIFF.

Convert iPhone Video to Audio Only with IOTransfer

The previous method cannot convert videos from the TV app to MP3. If you want to convert videos from Camera Roll or TV app, then you should try this one.

In this method, I will use a Windows Software called IOTransfer. It is an iPhone manager software with lots of useful features including ripping audio out of videos. You can follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1. Download and install this software on your Windows 10/8/7 computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to this PC and open IOTransfer.

Step 3. Under the Manage tab, export the video you want to convert to audio from Camera Roll or TV app (Videos from the left menu) to your computer.


Step 4. Click the Videos tab from the top menu and select Converter.


Step 5. Click Add Files to add the video(s) that you want to extract audio from and select the Output format as MP3. You can also select AAC, M4A, OGG, FLAC, etc.


Step 6. Check the option Automatically transfer the converted files into your iOS device and click Convert Now to get started.

When it is done, you can listen the converted audio with the Music app on your iPhone. As you can see, this tool IOTransfer has many other features like Clean iPhone for unwanted files, download online videos, wireless file transfer between iPhone and PC, etc.

Convert Video to MP3 with iTunes

If you want to stick to iTunes and add the converted audio to your iTunes music library, then you can actually use iTunes to convert video from your iPhone to audio. It is a bit tricky compared to the previous 2 methods.

Step 1. In iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings, select the audio format that you want to convert to. You can select MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, or WAV. Here it is MP3.


Step 2. Change the video file extension to M4A and drag it to iTunes.

Step 3. Locate the file in iTunes Library. Click on the file and select File > Convert > Create MP3 version.


Step 4. Then you can sync your iPhone and iTunes to add this converted audio to your iPhone.

All these three methods can extract audio from video on your iPhone. if you want to be able to listen to the converted audio with the Music app on your iPhone, it seems the method 2 is more convenient.

Which method do you think is the best one? Do you have any other methods to convert iPhone videos? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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