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Home > Tips > [2019 Tip] How to Download Twitter Video With Siri Shortcuts

[2019 Tip] How to Download Twitter Video With Siri Shortcuts

Why not use Siri Shortcuts to download Twitter video to iPhone directly and enjoy them everywhere? Follow the detailed guide in this page on how to use Siri Shortcuts to download Twitter videos to iPhone or iPad directly.

Updated Jan 04,2019 | by Joy

In iOS12, one of the most important update is the Siri Shortcuts feature. Siri Shortcuts let you do what you might want or need to do quickly and easily. It can complete complex tasks with a simple voice command or even without a voice command at all sometimes. For example, opening up your favorite news site in Safari, or calling your spouse, or viewing your most recent photos. If you do these tasks frequently, Siri might suggest creating a Siri Shortcut to perform these tasks on the Lock screen or in Search. 

Today, in this tutorial, we'll tell you how to download Twitter video with Siri Shortcuts so that you can enjoy watching Twitter video anytime and anywhere, no matter whether there is a Wi-Fi connection or not.


If you don’t know how to use Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, just check this guide first. Or if you are also a YouTube lover, don't miss this tutorial to use Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube videos to iPhone directly.

The Preparation for Downloading Twitter Video With Siri Shortcuts

Normally, there are two parts included in the preparation for downloading Twitter video with Siri Shortcuts

Part 1. Install Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Search for "Shortcuts" app in Apple App Store and install it to your iPhone. 


If your App Store can’t work on your device when downloading Shortcuts, just check the guide to fix it or you can download the app without App Store.

Part 2. Get "Download Twitter GIF" shortcut.

Please note that you cannot find the "Download Twitter GIF" shortcut in your iPhone's Shortcuts "Gallery" tab. You have to create one by yourself or download it from someone who has already created one. 

You can use your iPhone to tap the link and get the "Download Twitter GIF" shortcut. Or copy the following URL to your iPhone's Safari. Then click "Open" and it will be displayed in the Shortcuts "Library".


Start Downloading Twitter Video with Siri Shortcuts

Now you have finished the preparation work. Let's start using Siri Shortcut to download Twitter videos. Please follow the guide below to start downloading Twitter videos.

Step 1. Find the Twitter video you want to download and long tap the video to get the options popped up. 

Step 2. Tap on the ellipsis "More" icon and turn on the switch for "Shortcuts" from the list. Then click "Done" next to the "Activities".


Step 3. Long tap the video again and you will find "Shortcuts" icon in the popup page now. Please tap the "Shortcuts" icon to open "Shortcuts" app. 

Step 4. Tap the previously added shortcut "Download Twitter GIF" in "Shortcuts" app and it will automatically "Get Contents of URL" and download it. The video will be automatically saved to your iPhone's Camera Roll.


Now you can watch your Twitter video anywhere and anytime, no Internet connection needed. However, you should know that saving too many videos on your iPhone takes a lot of valuable iPhone storage space. It is not wise to save all videos on your iPhone. If you do not plan to remove them to free up more space when your iPhone storage is full, you may consider transfer some of them to your computer to free up some space. Then you can use Siri Shortcuts to download more Twitter videos to iPhone

PRO TIP: Transfer the Downloaded Twitter Videos from iPhone to PC for Backup

It is a good habit to transfer your important data from your iPhone to PC for backup. It does not only protect your data from loss due to unexpected iPhone crash or lost, but also help you free up your valuable iPhone storage space. IOTransfer is such an iPhone manager that can help you easily transfer videos, photos, contacts, music, and other data from iPhone to PC and vice versa. 

Before we show you how to transfer the downloaded videos from iPhone to PC via IOTransfer, please free download and install IOTransfer to your PC. It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and works in iOS 8 and later. Now let's move to the detailed steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. Please click "Trust" if it asks for permission.

Step 2. Launch IOTransfer and click "Manage" >> Camera Roll contents will be listed by default and we know that the downloaded Twitter videos are saved here. Please select the videos you want to transfer to your PC and click "Export".

Step 3. Choose a folder to save the transferred Twitter videos and click "OK" to start the transfer process. Once it is finished, you will see the notification window and you can tick the "Delete from iOS device after transfer" option before you click the "OK" or "View files" button. In this way, the transferred Twitter videos will be deleted from your iPhone to free up space automatically. 


Bottom line:

In this article, you learned how to download Twitter video with Siri shortcuts as well as how to transfer the downloaded Twitter videos from your iPhone to PC for backup. If you find this article is useful to you, please also share it with your friends.

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