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Home > Tips > How to Download SoundCloud Music - Online SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

How to Download SoundCloud Music - Online SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

Check how to download music files from SoundCloud with the following SoundCloud to MP3 downloader tools online, and how to transfer SoundCloud MP3 to iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

Updated Mar 05,2019 | by Niko

SoundCloud is one of the biggest and most popular music sharing websites online. Users are allowed to upload, share and promote their audios on this platform. You can always find many cool, fantastic music works on SoundCloud. For people who want to download SoundCloud to MP3 to PC, there is a problem. SoundCloud does not support downloading music files from the site. How to deal with it?

In this article, we would like to introduce you some useful online SoundCloud to MP3 downloader tools. In addition, you can also get detailed information about how to transfer SoundCloud MP3 between PC and iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Note: we’ve tested all the SoundCloud to MP3 downloader tools in the following, and they works fine during the process.


This website provides one of the best online tools for you to download SoundCloud songs and tracks in MP3 format, and all the downloaded MP3 music files will be kept in high quality. The download steps are easy to follow:

·         Copy the URL from SoundCloud (the site gives you an URL example)

1. copy soundcloud url.png

·         Open the online SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader page, and enter SoundCloud music track URL

2. paste soundcloud mp3 url.png

·         Click “Download” button (it redirects to another page which shows album cover, name and author), and click “Download Track” to download SoundCloud to MP3 on your computer

3. download soundcloud to mp3.png

Now, you can make full use of this SoundCloud to MP3 downloader to download high-quality music files from SoundCloud for free. ensures you fast and easy way to get tons of MP3 music files from SoundCloud. By taking advantage of its service, you are able to enjoy SoundCloud music on your PC and portable devices offline. Let’s see how to download and convert SoundCloud music files to high quality MP3 format with

*Here, we use the same SoundCloud music URL, if you want to download another works, simply copy the URL and following these steps.

·         Paste the URL into the address bar, and click “Convert It!” button

4. click convert it button.png

·         Confirm the information about author and name, you will be also offered the duration. If everything is ok, click the download button to save the SoundCloud MP3 file

5. click download button.png 

SoundCloud MP3

SoundCloud MP3 is another online tool available to get music files from SoundCloud. It’s easy & free to use, and no registration required. To make sure you get the best experience, this website removes restrictions in quality, and all SoundCloud music files are downloaded in MP3 format with the highest quality.

To download SoundCloud to MP3:

·         Enter the  URL and click “Download MP3” button

6. enter soundcloud url.png

·         Check the details of title, length & available quality, and click the green “Download MP3” button to save the SoundCloud MP3 file to PC directly

7. download soundcloud music to mp3.png

Transfer SoundCloud MP3 to iPhone

By using online SoundCloud to MP3 downloader or converter, all the files will be downloaded onto your computer. What if you have interested in listening SoundCloud MP3 files on your iOS devices? We highly recommend you to go with IOTransfer, a reliable iOS file manager and transfer tool, allows you to transfer SoundCloud MP3 files to iPhone (iPad & iPod touch) with ease.

How to transfer SoundCloud MP3 to iPhone? Basically, it requires only 2 steps:

·         Connect your iPhone to PC with USB cable (or try IOTransfer AirTrans to sync files wirelessly over Wi-Fi)

·         Go to MANAGE > Music > Import, choose SoundCloud MP3 files and transfer them from PC to iPhone

If you want to download videos from other popular sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or etc., or convert MP3 to other audio formats, IOTransfer built-in downloader & converter can completely help.

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