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Home > Tips > Download Free Songs To iPhone - Simple Way To Download Songs To iPhone/iPad

Download Free Songs To iPhone - Simple Way To Download Songs To iPhone/iPad

If you want to download the song for enriching your playlists, or just to listen to it later, we will provide you simple ways to download songs to your phone. Here's how you can directly download your favorite songs to your iPhone/iPad for offline viewing.

Updated Jun 11,2018 | by Cody

Unfortunately, we all know that iPhone has many restrictions, such as you cannot directly download songs to your iPhone/iPad for offline viewing. So many people are worried about how to find the direct way to make it. In this article, we will provide you several ways by which you can download the song you love to iPhone/iPad without limit.  

Solution 1. Directly Download Free Music from Internet to iPhone/iPad

Solution 2: Download Music on PC to transfer it on iPhone/iPad

Solution 3: Download Music on iPhone/iPad with iTunes

Solution 1. Directly Download Free Music from Internet to iPhone/iPad

Many social media such as YouTube are not only a channel to enjoy the latest and fantastic videos but also a good place to listen to the popular and newest songs. However, most social media doesn’t allow the user to directly download songs to iPhone/iPad. To tackle this issue, we provide your a reliable third-party tool for you.

IOTransfer is an iOS file transfer tool, it can download videos/songs from youtube, facebook, instragram and other thousands of popular websites. Besides, it can also be used as a phone cleaner and transfer to transfer photos, music and etc, between iOS device and PC.

Jump to the steps below to download songs to iPhone/iPad:

Step 1.Install IOTransfer software

Please Install IOTransfer to download music to your iPhone.

Please ensure your system is Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and your internet connection is stable so that you can install the IOTransfer properly on your computer.

After completing the installation, please connect your iPhone or iPad to computer via USB cable, and run IOTransfer.
iotransfer-download-songs-to-iphone .jpg

Step 2.Copy songs URL you love

 Go to the video web page. Right click on the video and select Copy Video URL.
iotransfer-download-songs-to-iphone 1.jpg

Step 3.Download free music to iPhone

Open IOTransfer to go to Videos tab and paste the URL in the box.

Before download music to iPhone, check the option “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device” and click the Download button.

iotransfer-download-songs-to-iphone 2.jpg

After the download is complete, you can open video on your iPhone or iPad to watch the downloaded video at any time without internet connection.

Solution 2: Download Music on PC to transfer it on iPhone/iPad

But If you don’t want to download music as a video format, you just prefer to listen to songs with audio format. Here I will teach you to download audio format such as mp3 music from a free music download website to your PC and then you can use IOTransfer to bulk transfer music into your iPhone/iPad with few clicks.

eMP3 ( is a most powerful and professional music download website, which has millions of free music sources and also offer you Top Bollywood Music, US Top Albums, etc for your reference.   

Step 1. Please visit eMP3 to find the music you want to download by searching your favorite song, album, artist name.

And you also can refer to the Bollywood Albums or US Top Albums to find the newest song for offline.

Step 2. Click the Download button under music name.


After you download the music to computer, there is one more step to take that transfer music to iPhone/iPad.  

Step 3. Install IOTransfer to connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable, and run IOTransfer.

Step 4. Go to 'Manage' section, and click on the 'Music' tab to click Import on the top of the windows

emp3m-download-song 1.jpg

Step 5. Choose one or multiple music that you want to transfer and then click Open or Transfer to start the transfer.

emp3m-download-song 2.jpg

In those steps, you can download music to your iPhone/iPad. Compare to two methods of downloading online music, IOTransfer free online downloader can choose the audio 

Solution 3: Download Music on iPhone/iPad with iTunes

If you’re a loyal iTunes customer, and you also purchased media from Apple in your account, you can download music with iTunes while avoiding any third-party desktop app. When putting music on iPhone with iTunes, all existing media files (like Music, iBooks, TV Shows, Ringtones, etc.) synced from iTunes library will be erased.

Step 1.Plug your iPhone into your computer via a USB cable. Your computer will recognize your iPhone.

Step 2. Please open iTunes and then make sure that you installed the latest version.

Step 3. Click on your device icon under “Device” on the left side of the iTunes screen and then click Songs tab.

Step 4. Choose and check the music that you want to add to your iPhone/iPad from your iTunes library.
Step 5. Find the device in the left sidebar and then drag this song to your iPhone/iPad. itunes-transfer-music-from-computer-to-iphone.jpg


Whether you want to use the IOTransfer to download your music from Internet to device, need iTunes for transferring music, or if you prefer manually transferring files from computer to device, you can choose one of the solutions to achieve your goal. Remember to take caution when streaming as to not overdo it, racking up your device data usage.


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