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Home > Tips > Detailed Guide on How to Set up Apple Music Family Sharing

Detailed Guide on How to Set up Apple Music Family Sharing

Do you have no ideas how to set up Apple music family sharing? Let’s me explain the way to use it step by step in the following tutorial and you will soon understand it.

Updated Apr 17,2018 | by Micky

Do you know how to set up Apple music family sharing? For iDevices running on iOS 8 and later, there is a great benefit users can get – that is family sharing. What is family sharing on iPhone you should be asking? With this great feature, up to 6 people including yourself can share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases, an Apple music membership, and an iCloud storage plan without sharing the same account.

I know it’s a little bit complex to enable this feature and many people still don’t know how to do it even after searching on Google. So, read carefully, because, in the following contents, I will explain the correct way to set up Apple music family sharing step by step.


How to Set up Apple Music Family Sharing

Before we get started, please first make sure you are over 18 and have a valid payment method.

Step 1

On your iDevice, go to “Settings”, “iCloud” and tap “Set up Family Sharing”.

Step 2

Tap “Get Started”, and then please confirm you’d like to be the family organizer.

Step 3

Follow the onscreen instructions and you will be prompted to agree to share your purchases. You will be also asked to confirm your payment method of credit or Debit card. Meanwhile, you must decide whether or not you want to enable the location tracking feature to allow others to spot your iDevice when it’s missing.

After the steps above, you have already set up an Apple music family sharing group.

How to Invite Others to Join An Apple Music Family Sharing Group

Step 1

Go to “Settings”, “iCloud”, “Family”, and “Add Family Member”.

Step 2

Input the member’s name and email address associated with his Apple ID to add him to your group and then the invitation will be sent. Wait until he confirms it.

Step 3

Check the members status by going to “Settings”, “iCloud”, and “Family”. You can check their status right below their names.

How to Share Apple Music with Your Family Members

1.       Go to “Settings”, “iCloud”, and “Family”. Tap your name and check whether the purchase sharing feature is on.

2.       To listen to music shared by others, go to iTunes Store and tap “More” and “Purchased.”

3.       If you want to get an Apple music family membership, remember to choose “Family Membership” when joining and you will need to pay for 15 dollars per months.

Besides Apple music family sharing, there is another more feasible way to share iPhone music with your families – that is to use a mighty iPhone transfer software. Compared to the complexity of Apple music family sharing feature, IOTransfer can be described as much easier for the whole music transfer from iPhone to iPhone can be finished within 3 steps. The only things you need are a set of PC, your iPhone, and a USB cable.

How to set up Apple music family sharing? Come on, just leave it alone since there is a better alternative for Apple music sharing between iDevices which is fairly simple. Free download the best iPhone transfer software to help you handle this job!

How to Share Music between 2 iOS Devices

Step 1 Preparation before the Music Transfer

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone/iPad to PC via a USB cable and wait until your phone gets recognized. If you’re prompted to authorize your PC, just click on “Trust”.


Step 2 Export Your Music to PC for Sharing

Go to “MANAGE” and click on “Music” in the left list. Then preset a folder on PC. Tick off the music you want to share and click on “Export”, select the folder you preset and then begin the transferring process.


Step 3 Share the Music to Another iPhone/iPad

Still, connect the other iPhone/iPad to your PC, go to “MANAGE” and “Music”. Click on “Import”, select the folder you previous set, choose the music and transfer it to this iPhone/iPad.


Are you still wondering how to set up Apple music family sharing? I believe after working your own way through the tutorial about Apple family sharing music above, you have found the best answer! Pick the solution that suits you best.

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