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Home > Tips > How to Customize Control Center in iOS 11 on iPhone

How to Customize Control Center in iOS 11 on iPhone

Now you can customize Control Center in iOS 11 on iPhone. Add and remove controls, and reorder the display of Control Center to work better for your needs. Here, let’s learn how to customize Control Center in iOS 11 in the way you like.

Updated Sep 20,2017 | by Shannon

iOS11 Control Center - Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales The Verge.jpg

iOS 11 features something that we’ve been wanting for quite some time. An amazing change is the customizable Control Center. It is not just customizable, but actually dynamic. You can use 3D touch on the various widgets inside control center in order to access additional controls. In that way, you don’t have to switch between different pages to locate the controls that you need. Everything is in one single place. Additionally, you can go into settings in customize Control Center add additional options. That means you can now customize Control Center in iOS 11, removing unwanted shortcuts, and adding new controls you would love to.

Sounds amazing? More users have been posting screenshots and new features in iOS 11. If you haven’t installed iOS 11 yet, here are some valuable guides:

How to Download and Install iOS 11 on iPhone

iOS 11 New Features’ Summary

With iOS 11 Control Center, you can totally customize the display to work better for your needs and make it more powerful. Here, let’s learn how to customize Control Center in iOS 11.

How to Customize Control Center in iOS 11 

To customize your Control Center, firstly go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Take some time to go through the full list of additional controls available in the Control Center of iOS 11.

ios 11 control center.jpg

Ÿ   Accessibility Shortcuts                                   Ÿ   Low Power Mode

Ÿ   Alarm                                                             Ÿ   Magnifier

Ÿ   Apple TV Remote                                           Ÿ   Notes

Ÿ   Calculator                                                       Ÿ   Screen Recording

Ÿ   Camera                                                           Ÿ   Stopwatch

Ÿ   Do Not Disturb While Driving                        Ÿ   Text Size

Ÿ   Flashlight                                                        Ÿ   Timer

Ÿ   Guided Access                                                Ÿ   Voice Memos

Ÿ   Home                                                              Ÿ   Wallet

You can see that in iOS 11, the Control Center gives you access to more controls beyond the basic music and device connectivity settings.

There is a new Cellular Data option you can put in the main Control Center, that is something that a lot people have wanted for a long time. More than that, Personal Hotspot is available to add in Control Center panel, so you can make personal hotspot discoverable without actually having to go to Settings app. There’s also built-in Screen Recording. It’s an option you can add into Control Center so you can capture your screen video, you can even record your voice if you want to.

1.  How to Add and Remove Controls in Control Center in iOS 11

l  To add the controls you want, just tap the green add button (+).

l  To remove the controls you rarely use by tapping the red (-) button.

remove and add controls.jpg

2. How to Reorder the controls in Control Center in iOS 11

It is also very possible to organize your controls and drag them into your preferred order.

Find a control you want to add, for instance, Alarm.

Press and hold on the drag panel right beside Alarm, drag it to the place you want.

reorder controls.jpg

once the controls and widgets that you wish to use are arranged, swipe the screen from top to the bottom so you can have access to your newly arranged Control Center which at this time.

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