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Home > Tips > YouTube to MP3 Converter – Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

YouTube to MP3 Converter – Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

This easy-to-use converter helps you convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. Besides, the MP3 file can be transferred to your connected iPhone/iPad/iPod as soon as the conversion is finished.

Updated Sep 03,2018 | by Niko

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites where you can enjoy millions of interesting or touching videos. You may be greatly impressed by the music in the feasts of the eyes, and you may want to put the background music into your pocket.

Here you go, hoping to find a way to download the music only. However, you may be frustrated by failing to find the song or to download it because of copyright. It would be much simpler if you convert YouTube videos directly into MP3.

You can realize this conversion with only two steps. Now let’s get it started.

Step 1: Download YouTube Videos

Many users are bothered about that it is unable to download YouTube videos because lots of websites don’t offer the download function, including Facebook, and Instagram. To convert the YouTube videos to MP3, the first thing we need to do is to download the videos first.

Here I will introduce you two methods to download YouTube videos.

Method 1: Download YouTube videos via online video downloader

1.       Open this free YouTube Video Downloader page

2.       Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to downloadfrom the address bar

3.       Paste the URL into the box on the downloader page.

4.       Click Download to PC (You need to select video quality and file type before the download.)



More popular online video downloaders are provided on this site, such as Facebook Video DownloaderInstagram Video Downloader, Twitter Video Downloader, Vimeo Video Downloader and more.

Method 2: Download YouTube Videos with IOTransfer

1.       Download IOTransfer and install it.

2.       Run IOTransfer and connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable. Please make sure that the iOS device communicates with IOTransfer without problem.

3.       Copy & paste the YouTube video URL of the video into the box at the VIDEOS Panel.

4.       Click Download


The downloaded video will be listed in Finished where you can Open local folder to find the location.


After downloading YouTube videos, you just need to convert the video to an audio format so that you can enjoy the amazing music withoutplaying the video. Let’s see how to convert the video to the MP3 format in an easy way.

Step 2: Convert the Downloaded Video to MP3 with IOTransfer

If you installed IOTransfer, it will be very convenient to convert the videos’ formats. 3 steps are all what you need to do.

1.       Run IOTransfer and click the VIDEOS tap.

2.       Choose Converter in the VIDEOS window, and then click Add Files to select the video you want to convert. You can add many files to bulk convert videos.

3. Select the Output format as MP3 and click Convert to start converting videos

You may be wondering, “What if I need some other format rather than MP3?”It is not a problem since IOTransfer offers most popular media format, including both video and audio. You can choose any formats you prefer to.

IOTransfer is not only a video downloader or converter, but also a good helper for iOS device. Only after you learn more about this smart utility, you can find how powerful it is even if it is so easy-to-use. You just need to have a view about some of its features.

More Practical Features of iOS Transfer Tool

One-click Transfer Photos/Videos and Music without iTunes

Once your iOS device is recognized by IOTransfer after it is connected to your PC, you can easily start to transfer the files with just 1-click. How to transfer the files easily and quickly?


Due to Wi-Fi Direct technology, IOTransfer can transfer files between iOS devices and PC wirelessly and quickly, if your iOS devices and computer are on the same local network. Wanna know more about wireless transfer? 

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