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Home > Tips > Convert YouTube to FLAC -YouTube to FLAC Converter

Convert YouTube to FLAC -YouTube to FLAC Converter

Convert YouTube music videos to FLAC audio format can maximally maintain the original sound quality of music, that`s why we need an efficient but reliable YouTube to FLAC converter. We provide two quick and simple methods for such mission for you to choose, click in to find out!

Updated Aug 21,2018 | by Admin

FLAC audio format is one of the prime options for many music fans. Compared to MP3, AAC, WAV, AC3 and so on, FLAC is sound quality lossless but in similar file size as other audio formats do. As Apple began to support FLAC format audio on iOS devices since iOS 11, many iOS users have the demand to convert YouTube to FLAC as YouTube is one of the world`s biggest online music sources. In this article, we provide two quick and simple methods of converting YouTube to FLAC, read on to find out!

Method 1: Convert YouTube to FLAC with Online Vedio Converter - Low Speed

Some people prefer to use online video converters since most of them do not require any local installations and are easy to use. ONLINE DOWNLOADER is one of the popular online video converters, let`s take a look on how to use it to convert YouTube to FLAC.

Step 1: Visit from a browser e.g. Chrome, IE.

Step 2: Insert the link of the video which you would like to download to the bar as shown below.


Step 3: Click “DOWNLOAD” on the right side.

Step 4: When the video download is done, click “Convert File” on the bottom to finish.


This online converter is easy-to-use, however, it highly relies on the network quality and has limitation of free downloading times.

Method 2: Convert YouTube to FLAC with a Professional Video Converter - Fast & Stable

Here we provide you a second method, which is to use the IOTransfer, a well-designed software to convert YouTube to FLAC. Let`s try its video converter now.

Step 1: Download IOTransfer and launch it from PC. Then click “VIDEOS” from the top menu.

8. video download.png

Step 2: In “VIDEOS” page, click “Converter” from the menu on the left. Then click “Add Files” to open the location in PC of the downloaded YouTube videos, right after this, choose “FLAC” from the “Output Format”. Then click “Convert Now” to proceed the task.

Watch this video to learn how to convert YouTube videos to other formats, including FLAC.


Meanwhile, you can tick “Automatically transfer the converted video into your iOS device”, thus to directly enjoy the FLAC music after the conversion.

Step 3: IOTransfer will quickly complete the convert task. You can click “Converting” to check the progress and click “Finished” when the convert task is completed. Meanwhile, the phone icon with a green tick on the right side tells the FLAC audio has been successfully transferred to iPhone at the same time.


Video converter is just one of the many excellent features of IOTransfer. This software also supports downloading online photos and videos from most popular websites, such as to download Netflix TV shows

How to Download YouTube Video with IOTransfer

Take the above YouTube video as an example, let`s shortly go through how to download YouTube video to PC and iOS device via IOTransfer.

Step 1: Click into “VIDEOS” in IOTransfer and click “Downloader” from the left menu.

Step 2: Copy the link of the YouTube music video from the top of the browser, then paste the link to the URL bar on IOTransfer as shown below.



Step 3: If you want to save the video to iOS devices simultaneously, tick “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device”.

Step 4: Click “Download” to start the process.

Step 5: You can check the progress by clicking “Downloading” and check the downloaded video by clicking “Finished”. Just within a few minutes, IOTransfer will complete the download task. You can either watch it from PC or on your iOS devices.


IOTransfer is efficient and reliable that you can manage your iOS devices totally upon this software such as to backup your iPhone/iPad with several clicks and to fix iPhone slow problem with the “CLEAN” feature. And there are more excellent features of IOTransfer for you to discover.


awe ave experienced two different YouTube to FLAC Converters, you must

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