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Home > Tips > PDF to JPG - How to Convert a PDF to an Image for iPhone

PDF to JPG - How to Convert a PDF to an Image for iPhone

The PDF converter allows you to convert a PDF to a JPG image or other formats online for free. Or learn how to convert a PDF to an image on iPhone directly via PDF converter app.

Updated Dec 21,2018 | by Niko

Sometimes, you probably need to convert a file for the complete compatibility or other specific purposes. In this article, we are going to introduce you some useful tools and show you how to convert a PDF to a JPG image online or on iPhone.

Convert a PDF to a JPG Image Online

This is a very convenient way to convert PDF files to images. By making use of online PFD converter tool, there is no need to download and install other programs on your computer. Try these online PDF converters to convert a PDF to a JPG image.


There are many online PDF converters available, and here we only introduce one of them. If you find that the tools cannot perfectly meet your needs, you can simply find other tools by searching keywords “online PDF converter”.

· is an online tool that can convert all your files to PDF, and export PDF files to other formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG and more. Here is how to convert a PDF to a JPG image:

Step 1: Click the “Select files” button to upload a PDF


The conversion only converts a maximum of 100 pages, so if you need only specific pages be converted, you have to define them before converting them from PDF files to images.


Step 2: Make sure you choose .jpg as the output format. supports .png as well. And click “Convert” button

Once the conversion is complete, it will download the JPG images to your computer automatically.




The converted JPG images will be kept on your computer. While if you have needs to save the JPG images on iPhone, try IOTransfer. The program lets you transfer images to iPhone in the easiest way. Check 'How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone Easily' or install AirTrans and sync photos to iPhone wirelessly.

Convert a PDF to an Image on Your iPhone

If you have PDF files on your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, it would be better to use PDF converter app to convert a PDF to an image, rather than the online PDF converter. Based on our real experience, here we recommend you to go with PDF Converter: Docs To PDF (you can find it in the App Store).

Let’s see how to convert a PDF to an image on your iPhone with this PDF converter app.

Step 1: Go to Books > Library > Edit, choose the PDF you want to convert to image, tap the Share button on the lower right of the screen, and choose “Copy to PDF Converter”. In this way, the PDF will be added to the PDF converter app, and you will switch to the app automatically


Step 2: Choose “Imported Docs”, and you’ll see the PDF


Step 3: Tap “Edit” and choose “PDF to Images”


Step 4: You can see the new created folder, open it and all the images are saved there


How to Transfer and Manage iPhone PDF Files

No matter you use online PDF converter or app, sometimes, you may need to transfer your PDF files between computer and portable device. If you are looking for an easy way to sync or manage PDF files, free download IOTransfer and try its powerful features of file transferring and management.

Steps of how to manage and transfer iPhone PDF files:

·         Connect your iPhone to PC, and run IOTransfer (You can also try its AirTrans feature, allowing you to transfer files wirelessly)

·         Go to MANAGE >iBook > Import/Export to transfer PDF files across PC and iPhone

·         To bulk delete PDF files on iPhone, simply choose “Select All” > Delete

Actually, in addition to transferring feature, IOTransfer can also be used as your video downloader & converter, phone cleaner. Its built-in Instagram photo downloader and GIF maker are useful as well.

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