How to Clear Cookies on Mac

by Shannon |Sep 09,2016..

Cookies are small files that temperately stored on your computer. It will collect your viewing history and other records on your Safari or other web browsers. So that next time when you view the same websites, it will display certain website content to you. Normally cookies don't do harm to your computer. While, if you are concerned about your privacy, and want to prevent some malicious cookies from stealing sensitive information on your Mac, read on for methods below about how to clear cookies on Mac.


1.         Open the Browser

Most of the new users wonder how to clear cookies on Mac. To clear cookies, simply open the internet browser that you are using. However, you should remember that the settings slightly differ from browser to browser, but you can get an idea about the location of the cookies from these steps. Most of the internet browsers, for instance, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera have relatively similar features, so you might not face any issues.


2.         Check the Settings

The menu of the internet browser is usually displayed on either the top right or the top left side of the browser. Locate the "Preferences" or "Settings" on the drop-down menu of the browser. Once you open the settings, you would see a section named "Privacy". The privacy section contains all of the browsing history and cookies stored from the websites. To remove cookies from your Mac, simply check the browsing history on the privacy settings page. The cookies would be displayed on the page, with the number of stored cookies on your laptop.


3.         Clear Cookies

Storing too many cookies on the Mac can affect the performance of the internet browser. Moreover, once you see the word ‘cookies’ written under the bar ‘Remove all website data’, then simply click on the button to let the Mac execute the program. It is vital for you to remove cookies from Mac so as to maintain the effectiveness of your internet browser and it would increase efficiency in the performance of your computer. Storing a lot of cookies on your browser can cause the laptop to execute your commands slower than usual.


By simply surfing the internet for hours, your Mac can get multiple viruses, malware or other internet threats. However, by cleaning the cookies on your internet browser, you can increase the speed of your computer, and protect it from potential viruses, etc. You can remove the website cookies and other browser cache stored on your Mac on a weekly basis, for effective results. Furthermore, if you cannot locate the cookies on your browser, then simply clear the browsing history. 


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