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Home > Tips > Best Weather Apps for iPhone 2016

Best Weather Apps for iPhone 2016

Free and paid best weather apps that will come in handy!

Updated Oct 26,2016 | by Mike


It is a fun weather application. This app gives a lot to its user such as accumulation, echo tops, dual polarization, velocity, rendering of reflective. It also provides details from Puerto Rico, Guam and TDWR or NEXRAD radar in the United States. It will also inform the user about various storms, lighting alerts, and if the weather is turning bad, it will inform you. Partners of AllisonHouse and Spotter Network can sign up with their membership for getting perks from this application. Monthly Pro level comes with an exclusive data sets such as extended loops, real time lighting alerts and much more. This application is a full dose of weather information.

Hurricane by American Red Cross

With this application, you are not getting just weather reports but you will also get information about forces of nature such as wildfires, tornadoes and earthquakes too. This application is designed for those people, who are living in the danger zones of hurricane, or they are surrounded with the movement of techno plates. Hurricane by American Red Cross will alert you immediately when some storm, heavy wind or anything else is on your way. This application has so many features such as it will generate an automated text message to your dear ones, informing that you are totally safe, triggers an alarm to inform about current location and it will also initiate a strobe light or flashlight on your device. It will feed you a lot of information how to prepare yourself from dangers. It will also give you direct information from NOAA weather radio reports.

If you live in danger zones, then it is the need of the hour to download this application, which is totally free of cost.

Weather Live

A mesmerizing application, which gives live feedback to its users about current weather by demonstrating real time weather condition background images. And this is a beautifully designed application. You can choose from 7 days forecast, hourly and daily weather updates. It has 4 various designs each have complex or simple details, depends how much can you absorb. It also gives control in your hand, so you can set design according to your need. Such as if your area receives rainfall throughout the year, then you can set precipitation parameter on the top. Like your everyday morning tea, you will also receive a full fledge daily update about weather. So, you can decide what do you want to do on this day. 

This application only cost $2.99 but its features are worth more than its price.

Weather Underground

This application is like a dream come true. It has a personalized interface and it can collect data from more than 200,00 personal weather stations which are under the control of weather forecasters. Through this application, one might also state the current weather conditions to informs others such as flash floods or power outages. This application can be molded according to your needs or the place where your live in. For example, you can remove the slot of hurricane if you are living in a hurricane prone free area. There are a lot of in built cool features of this application.

Above all, this is a free application.

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