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Home > Tips > How to Fix It If Apps Crash on iPhone Frequently

How to Fix It If Apps Crash on iPhone Frequently

It’s annoying that Apps crash on iPhone frequently when you’re using it. So, in this article, we will discuss what to do if Apps automatically close on iPhone.

Updated Jan 29,2019 | by Micky

Normally, iPhone Apps are very stable but sometimes you may face Apps automatically close on iPhone. For example, when you’re playing a game, it quits and sends you back to the homepage without your permission. How to fix this annoying glitch?

In this tutorial, I’ll give some practical tips for Apps crash on iPhone.


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Method 1 Reboot the iPhone

The problem usually can be fixed with just a fresh restart. It’s very simple. You need to long press the power button and the home button simultaneously for around 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo appears. Then, open the problematic App and see whether it works again.

Method 2 Close and Restart the App

If an App automatically closes on iPhone in the course of using, you might as well close and restart it. In this way, the memory can be cleared and a fresh new launch is given.

1.       Double-click on the home button to bring the multitasking screen.

2.       Find the App you want to quit and swipe it up.

3.       Hit the home button once to return to the homepage and tap on the App to start it again.

Method 3 Update the App

If you are often bothered by App crashing on iPhone, you should check whether there is any latest update for the App in App Store because there may be a bug to be fixed by the official. The newest patch always brings fixes to glitches users often complain about.

1.       Go to App Store.

2.       Tap on the icon of “Update”.

3.       Navigate to the App you want to update and tap on “Update” on the right.

4.       Proceed by following the onscreen guide.

Method 4 Delete and Reinstall the App

If you still cannot use the App normally, try deleting and reinstalling the App. In this way, all the cache and cookies generated by the App can be cleared and they are often the cause to the glitch. Meanwhile, in this way, the App will be patched up with the latest version as well.

1.       On the homescreen, long press the App until the icon “x” emerges and vibrates.

2.       Tap on “x”.

3.       When you are prompted to confirm it, tap on “Delete” to proceed.

4.       Go to App Store, tap on “Explore” and search for the App.

5.       Tap on the cloud icon to download it.


Method 5 Update iOS to the Latest Version

Updating iOS can usually fix some system bugs. However, some Apps require a new iOS version in order to run normally. So, updating iOS can sometimes solve the problem of Apps crashing on iPhone too.

To update the iOS on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

Tap on “Settings” > “General” > Software Update” and let the device to check for update. After the latest version of iOS is detected, follow the onscreen guide and install it.


Remember to back up the iPhone before the iOS update.

Bottom Line

What to do if Apps crash on iPhone? Given the top 5 methods, from the easy to the hard, hopefully, you can find the solution which fits your needs.

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