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Home > Tips > 7 Ways to Solve Apple Music Not Downloading Songs

7 Ways to Solve Apple Music Not Downloading Songs

If you find Apple Music not downloading songs, check these 7 methods to fix it. This article also include a workaround to download Apple Music as MP3.

Updated Mar 07,2019 | by Cody

If you have or had this error "Unable to Download Songs" when trying to save songs from Apple Music offline, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you a few proven solutions to Apple Music not downloading songs.

If none of the methods works, which is highly unlikely, you can still try the workaround method to download Apple Music songs as MP3. Looks promising? Then keep reading. Kind in mind, you may need to try more than one of the solutions to sort it out.

Check Your Network Connection

The most common cause to Apple Music failed to download would be network connection issues. If you are using Cellular data, then you can switch to Wi-Fi to see if it works. If Wi-Fi, then switch to Cellular data.

if still no valid, you can reset network settings to fix a network connection problem. Just go to Settings, navigate to “General” and then select “Reset Network Settings”. Surely, you need to enter the passcode for this device to reset all network settings to factory defaults.

Turn iCloud Music Library off and on

As you know, you need to turn on iCloud Music Library before you can download any music from Apple Music. In some cases, turn iCloud Music Library off and on will simply do the trick. If Apple Music not downloading songs because iCloud Music Library cannot be turned on, you follow this guide to fix it.

Delete a Song

Corrupted music database on the device could because of this problem. If your iPhone is jailbroken, then you open a file manager app to delete the database file. If not, you can delete one or two downloaded tracks from Apple Music to see if it works. In some cases, deleting downloaded songs can fix the corrupted database error and then you can download tracks from Apple Music.

Update or Reinstall Apple Music

If you received Apple Music app updates, just install it. Otherwise, delete the Apple Music application and reinstall it from AppStore. You can also try to offload feature to see if that can fix the problem.

Transfer Music to iPhone Music Library from PC

If you cannot fix Apple Music not downloading songs, a workaround would be to download music to your PC and transfer music from PC to iPhone. This Third party tool IOTransfer gets you fully covered.

IOTransfer allows you to download music from YouTube and then save them to iPhone Music Library without the need to add them to iTunes Library first. You can choose any file formats to store the music including MP3, M4A, AIF, WAV, etc.

IOTransfer Import MusicIf you have downloaded a few music files on your PC, you can simply drag and drop to transfer them to your iOS device using IOTransfer. If the lightning cable is not around, you can transfer files between iPhone and PC wirelessly.

Send to iPhoneAs you know high-quality music files are really consuming storage space. Luckily, IOTransfer can help you free up iPhone space by cleaning up the cache and junk files.

Download Apple Music Using Siri Shortcuts

Another workaround would be using the Shortcuts app to download music on your iPhone since Apple Music failed to download. The only problem is the downloaded music can only be saved to Files app. If you want to transfer music to Apple Music Library, you need to use your PC.

If that sounds good to you, you can get this shortcut Apple Music 2 MP3 and copy an Apple Music song link to run this shortcut. If you haven’t get the Shortcuts app, you should download it first. You can save the downloaded music as MP3 or M4A (with cover art).

Restore or Reset

If all these methods do not give you the results you want, then you can restore it from iTunes backup. By restoring your iPhone to the previous state when you can download songs from Apple Music.

If unfortunately, you don’t have an iTunes backup, then you may consider reset your iPhone to factory settings or seeking help from Apple Support. Before doing that, it is recommended to back up your data with iCloud or IOTransfer.

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