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Home > Tips > Add Device Frame to iPhone Screenshots – Including All iOS Devices

Add Device Frame to iPhone Screenshots – Including All iOS Devices

Learn 2 free and easy way to add device frame to iPhone screenshots. Whether you use iPhone 4, iPhone Xs or Apple Watch, you can use these methods to add a device frame.

Updated Dec 07,2018 | by Cody

It makes images much more professional by adding a device frame to images on iPhone. There are a few methods to do it using only your iOS device. In this article, I will show you how to add a device frame to iPhone screenshots.

If you are a graphic designer, you will also find this is the best way to create iPhone mockups. you don’t need to search for a particular iPhone device frame template because all the iOS (WatchOS) devices are included here.

Add Device Frame to Photos with Siri Shortcuts

Thanks to iOS 12 new feature Siri Shortcuts , you can simply add a proper device frame to any photo on your iPhone without the need to adjust image size or anything. If you haven’t get it on your iPhone, you should now since it is free and awesome.

Previously, I have written about using Shortcuts to take scrolling screenshots on iPhone, in case you are interested. The most obvious advantage of using Siri Shortcuts is that you do not have to prepare anything.

You just select an image on your iPhone and it just generates a screenshot with iPhone device frame for you. When you select an image to run this shortcut. The shortcut will detect the image size and find the proper device frames available for you to choose. See the details below.

Step 1. Open this Add Device Frame link in Safari to get this shortcut. Of course, you should download the Shortcuts app first if haven’t. Because all the needed device frame materials are included in this shortcut, it will also work offline.

Step 2. You can run select an image and run this shortcut from Share Sheet or open the Shortcuts app to run this shortcut and then choose an image in Photos app.


Step 3. As mentioned, this shortcut will detect the image size and recommend you all the suitable device frames including different colors for you to choose. Just select one to continue.


Step 4. When it is done, you can preview the result. If no problem, just tap the Share button to save the image or open in another app.

As mentioned, this shortcut includes all the iOS device frame images, so it may run a little slow on old iOS device. It is recommended to delete the devices options that you do not need. You can simply delete the Dictionary items that you do not need at the start of the shortcut.

Add Device Frame to Images Online with iPhone Mockup Generator

If you do not like the Shortcuts option. There is a free iOS device mockup generator online service called MockUPhone. MockUPhone also provides even more device frames. MockUphone divide frame templates include iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac, TVS, Android and Windows phone.

Each device comes with all kinds of colors. What’s more, it is completely free to use and no need for a signup. Just refer to the following steps to get started.

This online tool works better on a desktop browser. If you want to use it on your iPhone, you need a special web browser that can download files on iPhone. My recommendation is Documents app by Readdle. Documents app has a built-in browser that allows you to save the image to iPhone Camera Roll. Besides, you can use

Step 1: Navigate to the MockUPhone website on your web browser. Select which device frame that you want to use.

Step 2. Once a device frame is selected, click or tap the black button to import your screenshots in PNG, JPG or PSD format. If you want to add a device frame to HEIC image, you can first convert HEIC to JPG first with a free online tool.


Step 3. You can add multiple images here to generate iPhone mockups if needed. When all the images are imported, click or tap the Generate Product Mockups button to start creating iPhone mockups.


That’s 2 ways to add iPhone frame to screenshots. No matter what iOS device you are using, iPhone 4 to iPhone XS MaX, you can find a perfect frame here. More importantly, you don’t have to do any set up from your end. 

If you have multiple images to apply, then use a desktop would be much faster. In order to fast transfer photos to PC or back to iPhone, it is highly recommended to use a professional tool IOTransfer. You can drag and drop to transfer photos between PC and iPhone. Wireless Transfer is also supported. 

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