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How to Transfer Word Document to iPhone
Method to transfer Microsoft Word Document to iPhone, iPad, and PC. This article explains two methods sync word document to iOS devices easily.
How to Transfer Contacts from Text File to iPhone
Want to transfer contacts from text file to iPhone? The article shows you how to easily transfer contacts from text file to iPhone so that you can make these calls while you’re away on business.
How to Transfer Videos from iOS to PC Wirelessly
If you want to transfer videos from iOS to PC, a lightning cable may not always be provided. So, you need to learn how to transfer videos from iOS to PC wirelessly. This article teaches you 3 methods to transfer videos from iOS to PC without a cable.
How to Put Documents on iPhone from Computer
This page introduces you three simple ways to help you put your documents on iPhone from a computer with just a few steps. You can complete the file transfer wirelessly via few easy-to-use tools so that you can view your documents on iPhone anytime.
How to Transfer Clash of Clans Village from Android to iPhone
How to Transfer Clash of Clans Village from Android to iPhone? This article teaches you how to transfer Clash of Clans Village from Android to iPhone in an easy way.
How to Download and Convert Facebook Videos to MOV
MOV is a very compatible format for storing media files. Learn to download and convert Facebook videos to MOV, so you can watch on PC, Mac, iPhone and many other devices offline.
How to Transfer Contacts from Excel to iPhone
Check the following article, in which we will give you the detailed information of how to transfer contacts from Excel to iPhone, and how to restore iPhone contacts in different ways.
How to Switch to iOS from Android without Data Loss
This article will show you how to switch to iOS from Android along with all the data and tell you all you need to know about moving to iOS device.
How to Transfer Excel Files to iPad in Two Different Ways
The tutorial shows you two different ways to transfer Excel files to iPad. Check out this guide to easily transfer Excel documents to iPad from PC and view or edit them everywhere.
How to Transfer Ringtones to iPhone with iPhone Transfer Software
You will learn how to transfer ringtones to iPhone after the removal of the Tones tab on iTunes 12.7 – another way around the issue and an effective iPhone transfer App will be provided.
How to back up iPhone Wirelessly
There are many ways to back up your iPhone. And this article introduces you the easy and fast way to back up your iPhone wirelessly.
How to Upload Videos to Instagram's IGTV
Using IGTV, you are able to upload videos of up to an hour with a video file size of up to 650MB. Besides, IGTV has channels. Creators can create their own channels, and followers can follow different channels showing videos to watch.
How to Sync iPhone With iTunes Over WiFi
Solutions for sync iPhone with iTunes over WiFi if you don`t like the constrains of cables. We also show you how to sync iPhone to PC wirelessly without iTunes. Learn how with this article.
How to Copy Word Document to iPad
In the following article, we summarized some practical methods that can help you copy Word document to iPad. Among them, you can always find one to transfer and manage files on iPad effectively.
How to Transfer PowerPoint to iPad/iPhone
Need to transfer PowerPoint to iPad? Here are a few simple ways to transfer documents from PC to iOS device.
3 Ways to Transfer Microsoft Office Files to iPhone iPad
Have you ever want to transfer Microsoft office files to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? In this article, I will show you 3 different methods to transfer office documents from PC to iPhone step by step.
3 Ways to Export iPhone Contacts to CSV/Excel
If you want to export iPhone contacts to CSV/Excel, here are 3 different methods to help you do that. You are certainly going to find a suitable one.
[Tips] How to Add Microsoft Office Files to iPhone
Learn how to add Microsoft Office files to iPhone so that you can view them or memorize the important contents outside your office. Read the following tutorial to get the best answer.
How to Transfer iPhone to PC over WiFi
For anyone who is looking for the easiest way to transfer or backup the files on iPhone, check the following article, in which we are going to show you how to transfer iPhone content to PC over WiFi.
How to Add Music to iPhone Wirelessly
Intend to add the music that is not purchased from iTunes to your iPhone so you can enjoy them whenever you want? This article introduces 2 smart ways to add music to iPhone wirelessly with or without iTunes.

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