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Home > Tips > Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Issues On iPhone And iPad

Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Issues On iPhone And iPad

What do you think about your iPhone/iPad’s battery performance after updating to iOS9? Some reports say few users experience battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 9, Here's how to fix it!

Updated May 30,2016 | by Mike

What do you think about your iPhone/iPad’s battery performance after updating to iOS9 (or later versions)?  We’ve heard that few users have experienced battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 9. Considering the issue, we’ve made a quick research and did some testing in order to find the best solution to fix the battery draining problems on iOS 9.0.x, 9.1, 9.2 or 9.2.1 (and later). Here are some tips to help you fix the problem.

Take a Look at Your Applications

Alright- without any doubts, this is the first thing to do when you experience strange battery drain on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Don’t blame your hardware before checking out whether any 3rd party applications are eating considerable amount of your resources.

Go into Settings > Battery and analyze the battery usage statistics there. This tool shows the proportion of battery used by each app in the last 24 hours / 7 days.  Analyzing the data, you can conclude which app is eating up the most battery.

Depending on the nature and feature of the app, some applications will drain more battery when screen is on, whereas some apps drain battery when screen is off.  

Perform Hard Reboot after iOS Update

This is a quick and very common thing you can do after an iOS update. And it is applicable for all devices including an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. As you might know, a hard reboot is the process of restarting a hardware system manually, physically or using any other method besides restarting it from the operating system controls.  In this case, you can put your device through a hard reboot cycle by pressing and holding down the Home and Power button together for a period of approximately six to seven seconds.  Wait for the device to shut down and then automatically power back on. Let go off the buttons when you see the Apple logo and wait for the device to finish booting.

 Use Low Power Mode

Now this is a cool feature Android devices had for years, but very new to iOS9. Apple’s Low Power Mode feature is something that makes your life easier if you don’t like to optimize iPhone manually. Even though iOS will ask you automatically to enable Low Power Mode when the battery reaches a critical level (during the last 10-20% of battery life), it is better to enter Low Power Mode within the settings app.

To enable the Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > On.

 Keep in mind that certain features and app/device functionality are put into a restricted mode when Low Power Mode is active.

Turn Off/Optimize Location Services

We all know location services promise the best performance of certain apps and software or even websites.  However, extreme usage of GPS will drain you battery very fast. Use location services when you need them or when you are on the go. Additionally, you can optimize Locations Services individually for apps. So, make the most of it so you don’t need to turn off the location services entirely.

Additionally, turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when you don’t need to use them. Also, if you are at somewhere with bad cellular network, or during travel in bus/train, it’s recommended to put phone into Flight Mode so that your device wouldn’t work extra hard trying to find signal as it drains battery fast too. 

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